Monday, July 10, 2017

Dear Gray

Dear Gray
You turned 4 months on July 4th! How cool is that. The more that time passes the more I see you growing and becoming little Mr. Independent. Mommy really wants you to slow down....I'm not ready for you to grow up just yet. But I know it's inevitable. So here are some of the things you've been doing in month 4. 

What you've discovered 
Your fingers, in-particular your thumb. You try to suck your thumb a lot but mommy stays on the lookout because I don't want you to get addicted. It's a tough habit to break.

How you amaze me
You can sit up on your own if we prop you up on the couch. You look like a total big boy sitting up this way. You're also very observant. You take in new sites, new sounds, and new people with ease. You especially are into technology. You're a pro at Facetiming and watching Sesame Street clips on Youtube. You also reach for your favorite toys now (the caterpillar rattle, and the plush elephant).

Road tripping
You took your 2nd road trip to Florida to attend the wedding of one of  mommy's collegiate friends from FAMU (which stands for Florida A&M University  you'll hear more about my Alma mater in the near future #babyrattler). Everyone was so pleased to meet you!!! That 7.5 hour drive was not your favorite but we managed to make it through in one piece.

What you do
I heard your laugh for the first time, it is absolutely adorable. Your laugh is infectious and puts a smile on my face constantly. You have a dimple that peeks out whenever you laugh or slightly smile. You're a lot more vocal more so than last month. I swear I heard you say hi one day. You carry full on conversations in your own language, which it is pretty entertaining because you know exactly what you're saying even if mommy and daddy can't fully understand you just yet. You follow daddy around the room with your eyes and head. He gets a kick out of it because you look up to him literally and figuratively and mommy thinks it pretty cute too!

Holiday Recap
You celebrated daddy's first Father's Day of many with him. Mommy bought you a cool onesie from Carter's that said "Happy 1st Father's Day" in Detroit Tigers colors (navy blue and orange), then I set up an at home photoshoot in your nursery and took pictures of you with your building blocks spelling: "I Love You Dad!" I even made a collage of you, then got it printed and framed. Daddy even took it to work and put it on his desk. #Proudpapa

Favorite book this month
Mommy purchased a book  called the "ABC's For the Little G's" that teaches you your ABC's using sneakers. It is such a dope book. I'm hoping we can use the book to help build your sneaker collection :) (just don't tell daddy). 

Favorite outfit this month
I bought you a shirt that says "The Remix" and mommy and daddy have shirts that say "The Original." Plus we purchased matching Superstar Adidas Shell Toes. We're going to take those shirts and the Adidas and do a photoshoot at the end of the month. I can't wait to see how the pictures turn out, because the last time you took pictures professionally, you were  only 2 weeks old. 

Meeting someone new
You met daddy's dad (Grandpa) and daddy's oldest brother (Uncle Derryn) over the 4th of July weekend. You got to hang with the fellas for a bit while mommy had some much needed "mommy - time." They flew all the way from Seattle, WA to come visit you, so you must be a BIG DEAL! 

Favorite song currently in rotation
Mommy found a song to play to you everyday that embodies how I feel about you. It's called "I Love You So Much" and it's on DJ Khaled's latest album! There is so much positivity oozing from the song. It's a song that DJ Khaled initially wrote for his son Asahd, but I think it works perfectly with the relationship we have, because I truly do love you [so much]!!! You are mommy's pride and joy!

So, as you can see, month 4 was awesome. Can't wait to see what month 5 has in store. Until next month...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Love Mommy (and Daddy)