Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Camo Kraze

Camouflage clothing has been worn in our military for centuries to help our armed forces stay hidden by their outdoor surroundings. But it is not only worn on the battle fields, camouflaging troops from enemies it has also hit the runways and the streets helping fashionistas stand out, in style. Today's post will give you ideas how to incorporate camo with items that you probably already have in your closet to help you transform into "Commander In Chic!"

There are so many ways to rock army fatigue clothing. You can wear camo cargo shorts, pants, vests, jackets, hats, and t-shirts. The best thing about camo is that you can mix and match items with one staple piece of camouflage to give you a dope look. Here are a  few ideas on how to dress up (or down) this familiar olive green pattern.

This look can be used for a casual date night. The oversized military jacket can be paired with a pair of leather panel leggings, a fitted tee, and a bright pop of color for your accessories. I chose red suede wedges and a golden plated necklace to dress up the look. I would top this look off with a deep red matte lipstick to pull the look together. *ADDED BONUS: find some personalized buttons to give the camouflage jacket a little added personal charm!

Military Minded

Military Minded by alifashionsense featuring a vintage camo jacket

If you don't feel like putting on a pair of heels opt out, pairing some cargo pants or shorts with sneakers and a graphic tee. SN: The cool thing about camo is it plays as a neutral, so you can get away with mixing and matching different colors and prints. Which is why I paired the camo pants with the American flag tee. I paired a denim jacket with spiked shoulder details. I completed my look with a pair of Olympic Jordan's. But you can pair these pants with Timberland's, Sneakers, or even Combat Boots for a full military look.

American Pride

American Pride by alifashionsense featuring silver watches

This outfit takes a fitted jacket with leather detail, a sheer flirty skirt, a cropped tee, some gold accessories, and tops it off (literally) with a camouflage hat to give off a little more rugged look. I paired the skirt with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell chunky platform booties to round out this edgy look.

Girly Girl

Girly Girl by alifashionsense featuring gold jewelry

If you still aren't ready to put together an outfit, check out some of these celebs for inspiration :)
Teyana Taylor in cropped leather tee, camo pants, and Jordan's
Angela Simmons in a cropped camo jacket, black tee, black leggings, and black "red bottoms"
June Ambrose in camo cargos, wedge sandals, white blouse, and layered necklaces
Rihanna in a camo trench coat, black graphic tee, cropped shorts, and thigh high boots
Kim Kardashian in a camo romper, cropped blazer, and olive green booties

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ali 2013 Spring Trend Alert: White Sandals

Confession: I'm not a fan of white shoes. Something about white shoes screams horrid, cheap, and tacky when I see them. But with time, comes evolution and growth. After seeing white shoes (sandals, wedges, pumps etc.) on the spring trend alert I opened up my mind, determined to give these snow white shoes a try. The images I am about to show you are way out of the price range for a fashionista on a budget. But I was totally intrigued by the architecture, the shapes, the details etc. of these amazing collection of shoes. If you put any of these shoes on your feet you are guaranteed to get noticed.

Sandals listed from right to left, row by row
1. Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West - $5,892
2. Unknown Designer
3. Jeffrey Campbell Rockin' White Architecture Cutout Wedge Booties - $162
4. Burak Uyan Calfskin Leather Sandals - $1,499
5. Emilo Pucci Dragon Resin & Calfskin Wedge - $4,928
6. Charlotte Olymipia Cherie Poodle Patent Sandals - $1,939
7. DSquared2 Belted Leather Sandals  - $1,045
8. Giuseppe Zanotti for Kanye West "Cruel Summer" - $1,625
9. Alexander McQueen Sculpted Resin & Leaf Sandals - $3,495 

After this post I'm going to scope out some more budget friendly white sandals to add to my spring wardrobe collection. I guess white shoes aren't so bad after all, once you give them a chance. Will you take the plunge down the slope of white sandals in time for spring?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Black & Sheer - The Kim Kardashian LookBook

I know you see Kim Kardashian a lot on my blog. She has a great fashion sense, and is a fashion inspiration for a host of young women across the nation. Since dating Kanye, she has been fixated with going back to the basics. She is usually seen in black, white, or cream most of the time with a splash of color inserted here and there. And we know how leather has held her closet captive as of late. But this post will showcase a lighter, softer fabric on Hollywood's biggest Reality Starlette. With light chiffon's, sheer, and all black everything.

As you can see from these two photo collages, Kim has been bitten by the sheer bullet. She plays with different shapes and coverage of sheer with over sized sheer shirts, sheer blouses paired with pencil skirts, and even sheer paneled side dresses. She interchanges pumps, booties, and strappy ankle sandals to round off her array of looks.

Some of her styles may be a little too risque for your taste. But sheer clothing adds a bit of romanticism to any wardrobe (if done tastefully). It gives off girly vibes and a light feel. Plus all black is always a pallet that I'm drawn too :) So whether you like or hate her fashion choices, maybe you can use Kim K as an inspiration today to create a look of "sheer" bliss.

Friday, January 25, 2013

...And The Winner Is???

I just want to take the time out to again say thank you to all my Ali Fashion Sense followers. You gals/guys don't know how much your support motivates me to keep it pushing. I feel like 2013 has some great things in store for me. I can't wait to begin soaking up more knowledge and bringing you all, my supporters, greater fashion content. I know I periodically mentioned last year (at the end of 2012) that I was holding a contest. The contest rules were you had to subscribe to the Ali's Fashion Sense blog and "Like" the Ali's Fashion Sense Fan Page to be entered.

To all you who followed through, you did not go unnoticed. I appreciate your love so much. But, unfortunately, there could only be one winner. So without further or due, I would like to announce my winner. AND THE WINNER IS...

My old colleague, good friend, and huge Ali Fashion Sense supporter:

Liza & I, "matching" on my 26th birthday celebration dinner at Olive Garden

Liza will be receiving a $25 Forever 21 E - Gift Card (one of my fav stores of course) so she can find a snazzy piece or two for the new year!

Again I just want to thank you all for your love and support. I can't wait to unveil the new concepts and ideas I have for Ali's Fashion Sense. Until then spread the words to your family and friends about my blog. I definitely appreciate the exposure!

Follow Me/Subscribe!!!
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I hope you all have a GREAT weekend :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Extreme Fashion Blogger Makeover: "The Husband Edition"

Not too long ago, I was browsing YouTube and saw one of my YouTube favorites challenge her fiance to pick out two outfits for her, to test his style awareness. I was pretty impressed with what he chose for her so I decided to extend the challenge to my significant other. Allowing him to rummage through our closet to see what he would come up with *says a silent prayer*!

So here were the stipulations to the challenge that I gave Derrek. I told him to pick out two outfits. One outfit for a date night, and one casual, everyday look. Both outfits had to include a jacket, shoes, and accessories. 

He reluctantly stood in our closet not knowing where to begin. After rummaging for a few minutes he landed on a cream "freakum dress" (as Beyonce' would call it) to lay out the foundation for his date night look. It quickly came together once he found the black patent leather pumps. Then he grabbed a black blazer, stud earrings, and a junk necklace. His narrative was that he was taking me to Red Lobster for a dinner date :) It's a little over dressed for a restaurant date, but I definitely will give him an A for effort. Plus the dress is sentimental because I wore it the day our entire bridal party went out as the big shebang the day before the wedding. 

*Pictured with and without the blazer to give off two effects
Dress - Charlotte Russe
Blazer - TJ Maxx
Jessica Simpson Patent Leather Pumps - DSW
Junk Necklace - Kiosk in Detroit Mall
Michael Kors Silver Watch - Macy's
Stud Earrings - Gift

The next challenge was to tackle the casual look. This is where Derrek almost had a mental breakdown lol (not literally but he wanted to get out of the closet ASAP). At first he took the easy way out and picked out a sundress and told me to pair it with some sandals. But I upped the ante on him. I told him to choose a casual outfit that I could wear in the winter. As in the mild Georgia winter (40 and 50 degrees, not the up North winter with temperatures hitting single digit degrees). So he went back to the drawing board. After giving him a tour of each section in the closet (jackets, blazers, jeans, skirts, dresses, shirts, etc.) he went straight for the "normal" jeans, as he called them (he was not a fan of my floral printed jeans, colored jeans, or leggings). He was strictly denim. He did however, choose my favorite pair of jeans, the Levi Extreme Curve Dark Wash Jeans. Then he grabbed my retro 4 Jordan's and went shirt by shirt until he found a black shirt that would "match" the colors in the shoes. He topped it off with a black leather motorcycle jacket, and some stud earrings!

Leather Motorcycle Jacket - H&M
Graphic T - Shirt - Target
Levi Extreme Curve Jeans - Levi Outlet
Retro 4 Jordan's - Nike Outlet
Michael Kors Silver Watch - Macy's
Studs - Gift
NY New Era Hat - Snatched from my hubby's personal collection

I must admit, after seeing the outfits all put together my hubby did a great job. I appreciate him for being such a good sport. Plus it was fun to play dress up :) I would definitely say he passed the challenge with flying colors. Maybe he can play my "stylist" more often!

I challenge you to try this exercise with your significant other or even a group of friends to see if those closest to you can pinpoint your style!

Happy Thursday luvs <3 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Weekend Recap - In Love with Leather

My weekend recaps have become a regular on Ali's Fashion Sense. I hope you guys like them, as much as I like sharing them with you. Unfortunately, I'm a couple days behind schedule! I took Monday off to watch all the inauguration coverage, and of course on Tuesday I had to give you the fabness (recap) of The First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama! Better late than never right? So let's get to it, shall we?

This past weekend Derrek and I had dinner at a new Mexican Restaurant (we've been on a Mexican Restaurant kick) with one of Derrek's colleagues and his wife. It turned out to be a very lovely evening. Good food, great conversation, and an awesome couple. I chose to get a little glam...since it's been a while. I broke out a couple of the items from my Christmas Overhaul video. I snagged the Cream Blazer from Forever 21 with the (faux) leather lapels, my black (faux) leather jeans, my liquid leather peplum, and my black Jessica Simpson patent leather pumps. I paired it with my feather necklace, silver Michael Kors watch, diamond studs, and my snakeskin clutch from Target. I thought it came together beautifully. What do you think?

OOTD - Dinner Date (purse not photographed)

We topped off our weekend in the Anderson household doing the norm. Getting our praise on at church, then getting our workout in at the gym, then chillen watching some football (shout out to me, both my picks are going to the Superbowl...49ers and the Ravens). I even got my Betty Crocker on and made some lasagna (which by the way my hubby said tasted awesome, which is a HUGE feat for me...considering I got married not knowing how to cook that well). I chose to keep on with the leather theme pairing my leather skirt from H&M, my leather t-shirt from Saks Off the 5th, and my tan blazer which I got from a boutique in Atlanta. I accessorized the outfit with black tights, my Jessica Simpson pumps, a silver rope chain, and my silver studs and watch. Like I mentioned in my video these (black and white) leather pieces are easily interchangeable which allows me to stretch and create more diverse looks with a few staple pieces (I may do a blog post on how to create fresh looks with the same pieces so stay tuned). But for now take a look at my Sunday's Best outfit. This outfit is a little edgier (for church) with the leather, but I softened it up by adding the blazer and the pumps incorporate giving the outfit a well - rounded balance of tough and  girly!

OOTD - Leather head to toe :)

Happy Hump Day to you all! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inaugural Bliss - 2013 Inaugural Weekend Fashion

Yesterday we celebrated the life of one of America's greatest men in history, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr! In a case of pleasurable irony, we also celebrated the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of American, Barack Hussein Obama. The first African American President to serve not one, but two [presidential] terms *in my 2 - Chainz voice*. Oh, how far we've come as African Americans from being slaves, to Jim Crow/segregation (and being treated as second class citizens), to being leaders of the free world. I'm sure our ancestors would be blown away by the strides we've made due to their resilience and fearlessness! I just want to say thank you to them for having a dream that we could ultimately fulfill!

Although the entire weekend was centered around President Barack Obama's inauguration, all eyes were on our FABULOUS First Lady, Michelle Obama!!! She is the epitome of class, style, and grace, and during the entire weekend of inaugural festivities she didn't disappoint. She hit the scene with her freshly cut bangs...serving us a tall glass of Olivia Pope (for all my Scandal watchers lol) which I happen to love on her. She gave us simple shapes, bold colors, and classic MO timeless styles. 

Here's her inaugural recap...

The FLOTUS kicked off the inaugural weekend with the Kid's Inaugural Concert where they rocked out to the likes of Mindless Behavior, Usher, and Katy Perry. She sported the late, great, Alexander McQueen 2011 Resort wear. Pairing the crisp white ruffled top, with a metallic belt and kitten heels, along with black jeans. I love this casual look on her tall frame.

During the President's private oath ceremony, held in the Blue Room at White House, Mrs. Obama along with Malia and Sasha accompanied the POTUS as he was officially sworn in as the 44th President of the USA. MO (Michelle Obama) wore an A-Line understated navy floral dress by designer Reed Krakoff paired with a J - Crew navy cardigan. She completed the look with a pair of pewter pointy toed pumps.

Mrs. Obama ramped up the glam Sunday night during the Inaugural Reception at the National Building Museum. She donned her usual sleeveless dress to show off her cocoa complected toned arms. This shimmering boat neck swing hemline was a Michael Kors masterpiece. She paired it with black kitten heels to top off this regal look.

 During the public inauguration Monday morning, Mrs. Obama supported her hubby along with her daughters, mother, and thousands of Americans in a patterned Thom Browne dress and coat.  She paired her patterned Thom Browne dress with the same J-Crew cardigan she wore the day before. The navy suede boots are courtesy of Reed Krakoff, and the fuchsia gloves were from J - Crew. 

Mrs Obama saved her show stopper for last. She donned a gorgeous, red hot chiffon, Jason Wu number to the Inaugural and Commander In Chief Balls. With the halter neckline and the open back the First Lady shinned as only she could. With the most powerful date in the country (the President of the United States) Mrs. O was on top of the world. And held her position looking flawless!

All in all, the inaugural weekend was that of inspiration, reflection, and realization that there is so much more work to be done in the next four years that can only be accomplished as a united country. But we also got a glimpse into Mrs. O's fashion diary for 2013.  I must say she's gotten off to a great start. I can't wait to see whats' next. How about you?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Christmas Overhaul 2012 - 2013 Purchases Video

Over the Christmas holiday I was balling on a budget lol. I received money, gift cards (to Forever 21, Sephora, and Macy's) thanks to my awesome family, so I was able to splurge a little bit and partake in my favorite pastime...SHOPPING! I did a little online shopping and on site shopping.

Whenever I travel, I make it my business (if time permits, which I usually somehow make it permit lol) to find a mall. It's always cool to see what different cities/regions across the US find trendy and what stores they have. Some malls trump others but I always love shopping in Orlando FL. Touristy Florida Malls (like malls in Orlando and Miami) never seem to disappointment me.  I went to Orlando Premium Outlet mall in Orlando, FL on I-Drive. I'm not going to mention that it took 2 hours to drive 5 miles to get to this mall. To say I was on a mission was an understatement. I guess that's what I get for trying to go shopping on one of the busiest days of the year...the day after Christmas. I also visited two outlet malls in St. Augustine, FL (St. Augustine Premium Outlets and St. Augustine Outlets). Then of course after the disappointment of my Orlando Outlet Mall experience I went to The Mall At Millenia in Orlando (which had a much better outcome than the outlet mall...since I came out the mall with bags).

The video you are about to see is a recap of most of my most recent purchases. I call it my Christmas Overhaul 2012. I hope you enjoy the purchases, as much as I enjoyed shopping for them :)
BEWARE: I've been on a faux leather that is mostly what you will see in this video! Let's get to it shall we?

Sorry for the lighting in the video...I'm still working on my video skills ;) so be patient with me!!!


Notorious BIG Ready To Die Graphic Tee - Urban Outfitters ($28.00)

Romeo & Juliet Couture Faux Leather Panel Leggings - Neiman Marcus Last Call (online - $59.00, I got them for $40.00 using a coupon code +shipping)

(Faux Leather) Shirt Length Dress - Forever 21 ($24.80)

PU Sleeve Knit Tee - Charlotte Russe ($16.99)

Black Leather Tee with Sheer Detailing - Saks Off The 5th Outlet ($36.00)

Zip Back Peplum Top - Narcistik Boutique - ($40.00, on sale now for $28.00)

3/4 Sleeve Peplum Top - Forever 21 ($29.80)

Graduated Lapel Open Jacket - Forever 21 ($34.80)

Textured Coated Lapel Blazer - Forever 21 ($34.80)

Thanks for hanging out with me this Friday afternoon and checking out my Christmas Overhaul (video)! I created a YouTube channel called...(you guessed it) AlisFashionSense ( so be on the look out for new upcoming videos. I hope the rest of your Friday is awesome and your weekend is even better luvs!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Peplums and Pastels - OOTD

Hey Subbies :)! Happy Thursday! I just wanted to do a quick post on the Outfit of the Day, that I wore yesterday. I was asked to dinner by a wonderful woman from my new church down here in GA. That was the only thing on my "to - do - list" where I had to leave my house to do it. This was my first time meeting with her outside of church, so I wanted to put my best foot forward. I didn't want to seem too dressy, but I did want to wear heels (what can I say, it's the girly girl in me)!

I chose to pull out peplum and pastels based on the post I recently wrote a few days ago (about Winter Pastels). This was a huge success. I paired my mint green blazer from Forever 21, my cream colored long sleeve peplum from Forever 21, my coral denim jeans from Charlotte Russe, and my nude colored Steve Madden pumps to create the foundation for my outfit. I chose the pastel variations of my alma mater (FAMU) using (pastel) orange and green!

I topped the outfit with some great accessories. I sported my "seaside" charm necklace and men's gold watch from Target, along with my nude colored hobo bag from Forever 21. I really liked how this outfit came together. It looks very polished (with the blazer and peplum) but refreshing with the soft color combo. Check it out below :)

Here is how you can spruce up this outfit with just by adding or removing the jacket. The first look I removed the mint green blazer, the last picture I'm seen with the mint green blazer. If you think this color combination is a bit too much for your taste you could tone it down wearing a cream blazer and swapping the coral denim to regular denim jeans or even slacks.

Close up of the necklace! This necklace helped to pull the entire outfit together, because it has coral and turquoise accents. I also wore  my nude lipstick to go along with the nude pumps and purse.

I've vowed that I will paint 2013 by including more color in my wardrobe. I believe this is a good start!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Ali's Makeup Bag Chronicles: The Lipstick Review

I've become a bit of a makeup junkie as of late. Blame it on YouTube, Instagram (IG), and being a girlie girl lol. I love exploring new makeup color pallets and makeup trends and techniques. When I walk inside of Ulta, Sephora, CVS, Target or up to a M.A.C counter I'm like a kid in a candy store. If you're not careful you can blow $100 easily on makeup (I've never done it, but I've definitely come close). I'm not a name brand makeup whore. I look for quality products no matter how expensive or cheap the price. I love to peruse the aisles of CVS and Target to see what hot steals I can find. I don't discriminate. I look for lipsticks, glosses, eye shadows, lip pencils, nail polish, foundations, concealer, you name it.

Today's blog post will dive into my makeup bag to show you some of my most recent lipstick/ lip gloss purchases and to give you some things to try if you're stuck in a makeup rut. I am by no means a makeup artist. I go to YouTube for most of my inspiration. There are tons of video tutorials to teach you techniques you can try in the comfort of your own home. With the case of makeup, "practice makes perfect!" I know it's cliche' but in all honesty, it does. Like I've said before, if you don't like the application of the makeup for the first try, TRY AGAIN, until you find what works for you. So, here we go!

I've focused a lot on my lips lately so here are a few of my purchases surrounding my pout.

Lipstick Collage

Lipstick (Paper) Swatch

The lipstick swatches on the paper match the numbers in the lip collage (that's why the numbers are out of order to keep in the same order as the swatch). I wanted to show you what the lipsticks and glosses looked like on me and then on paper, because sometimes colors tend to look different in the (lipstick) tube versus on your lips. Also these colors may look different on different complexions so keep that in mind!

#1. The Nude Lip: NYX Matte Lipstick in Butter (MLS21), NYX Lip Pencil in Nude Beige (857), and  NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Skin Tone (XLC08)

#2. Pink Paradise: NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink (MLS02) and NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Dolly Girl (XLC01)

#3. Baby Pink Lips: M.A.C Lipstick (A22) and Lipglass (A12) duo both in Snob and NYX Lip Pencil in Dolly Pink (839)

#4. Red Hot: Nars Matte Lipstick in Mascate

#5. Liquid Orange Juice: Maybelline Vivid Lipstick in Electric Orange (880) and Sephora Lipgloss in Orange Juice Shimmer (26)

#6. Plum Purple: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate Moss in Rossetto (04)

Be Bold! Be Daring! Be Carefree!
Happy Lipstick Shopping!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Date Night Recap - OOTD

You know what time it is! It's time to round up some of my fav pics from the weekend. This weekend was all about sports (at least for my hubby)! We watched some big shake ups in the NFL Playoffs and painfully witnessed my hubby's fav college basketball team, Duke (the number 1 seed college basketball team) and the Maize & Blue (University of Michigan, the number 2 seed in college basketball) fall to their demise on Saturday and Sunday. I know you may be saying, what does sports have to do with fashion? Absolutely nothing lol! I'm just simply giving you a recap of my weekend.

To say I spent most of my weekend on the couch with my hubs, yelling at the TV, praying for our favorite teams to win is an understatement. However, after spending all Saturday being in the house watching sports, I suggested an impromptu date night. I was craving Mexican Food. So we hit up a Mexican Restaurant, La Parrilla (a gem that I recently discovered at an outdoor mall in Macon, GA). I wanted to look fly (since I spent most of my Saturday in my PJ's). I grabbed my all black Kardashian Jumpsuit that I purchased at Sears a few months back. I'd never worn it, so I was popping tags (lol, just kidding). I thought this was a special enough occasion and let's face it. I wanted to look hot!

This jumpsuit did the job. If there is one thing I love, it is a jumpsuit. I think they are an effortless way to pull off sexy. You are covered just enough yet reveal just enough to give a pinch of sexy and a whole lot of class. I paired the jumpsuit with some tie up wedge sandals (since it was such a beautiful day). My black cropped faux leather jacket. My Michael Kors Watch, diamond studs, junk necklace and Snakeskin clutch. Since my outfit was a New Yorkers go - to pallet, all black I decided to ramp up my makeup using a bold, matte, hot pink lip (NYX - Shocking Pink Matte Lipstick - MLS02) and a hot pink lip gloss (NYX - Xtreme Lip Cream in Dolly Girl - XLC01). Check out the pulled together look below.

The Many Faces of Ali!

Kardashian Jumpsuit - Sear
Tie Up Wedges - Target
Cropped Faux Leather Jacket - Forever 21
Snakeskin Clutch - Target
Junk Necklace - Charming Charlie's
Silver Disc Ring - Forever 21
Silver Michael Kors Watch - Macy's

Date Night Recap: Good Food + Good People + Good Conversation = Great Fun!

All in all I had a great weekend. I pray I have a successful week. As I do for all my subbies and supporters. Happy Monday luvs! Today is page 14 out of 365 in your 2013 book of life. Make it count :)


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

I have a confession to make! I love books. I'm a sucker for books and reading. It doesn't really matter what I read...ok, I take that back. It does matter what I read. But I like a lot of different books and magazines. Books about love, inspiration, finances, analytical books, spiritual books, and of course books about fashion. My latest book I scored is by one of my favorite "it" girls who has made her herself a household name. It's call "Beauty" by none other than Lauren Conrad aka LC (Laguna Beach and the Hills breakout star).

Beauty has nothing to do with clothes surprisingly. If you want to gather some style tips check out Lauren's first book "Style." Beauty boasts 276 pages full of personal beauty accounts by LC herself, pictures, and tips ranging from skin care, hair care, the perfect manicure, makeup tips (for everyday makeup looks to going out for a night on the town) and even managing your stress.

Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself! The book retails for $21.99 but I'm a fashionista on a budget so I bought the book from Kroger (yep, you read that right, Kroger grocery store) for $16.00. I've decided to read a book a month as one of my New Years Resolutions to stimulate my mind versus watching TV all day. So this will be the first book on my list! Happy Reading!!!

Lauren Conrad's newest book "Beauty"

SN: Be on the lookout for some of my newest posts to come: 2013 Style Trends, The Fashion Blogger Makeover "The Hubby Edition", and Christmas Haul (items I've purchased over the Christmas holiday).

Happy Hump Day!

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Weekend Recap: OOTD

Hey everyone!!! I hope you had a great weekend. I didn't do much, besides relaxing at the house and grocery shopping on Saturday then church, the gym, and dinner at Applebee's on Sunday. To say the least it hasn't been an action packed weekend, but I did want to show you my OOTD for Saturday and Sunday. I'm pretty pleased with both my looks (hopefully you will be too)!

Saturday I didn't do much like I stated previously. However I did head out the house briefly doing a little grocery shopping and running a couple errands with the hubby. So my outfit was pretty chill. I wore a new graphic tee (Notorious BIG Ready to Die CD Cover tee) from Urban Outfitters, faux leather pants from Forever 21, boyfriend blazer from Forever 21, and Jordan Retro 4s. The accessories I paired with this outfit are a pair of BBW spiked silver earrings, my Silver Michael Kors watch, a double finger "Love" ring, and some non prescription glasses!

I always thought this little baby with the afro was absolutely adorable back when this CD came out. It says "Ready To Die" which I'm not lol, but I couldn't pass up  on the cute baby! I curled my hair using a curling wand which I purchased at Target.

I bought some cream palazzo pants last year from Kohl's that I have been dying to wear but I didn't know what I was going to wear them with. I told myself Saturday, as I was skimming my closet that I would wear my palazzo pants to church on Sunday. So, that is exactly what I did. I paired my Jennifer Lopez cream palazzo pants (from Kohl's) with a thrifted cream blouse, gold glitter Steve Madden pumps from DSW, and a cognac leather jacket from Macy's. I added some gold earrings from Charlotte Russe,  a gold watch from Target, and my cream snakeskin clutch from Target to complete this outfit. I only wore the outfit for about an hour because we go to the gym right after church. But I will be sure to wear them again :)

These pants are super light, airy, and comfortable. When I saw them in the store I knew I had to purchase them. Glad I
I hope you are getting things done today! Happy Monday subbies!



Thursday, January 3, 2013

Winter Pastels

Move over Spring, pastels have started a new love affair with Winter! There is nothing more calming, soft, and sweet than a pastel ensemble. As an avid lover of all black, edgy, dark garments I get a breath of fresh air when I see gorgeous mint green jeans, baby pink blazers, and baby yellow pumps etc.

I know it may seem awkward or even taboo to sport pastel colors in the winter, as winter is associated with heavy wools, furs, winter white, black, navy, brown and other neutrals. But at Ali's Fashion Sense we are all about breaking the rules and going against the grain. So pull out our airy pastel blouses, cute pastel blazers, and pastel jeans to create a new look, in the the new year!

Need some direction? You know I have your back. Try some of these trends in pastels.

Not gung ho about incorporating pastel into your wardrobe? Try getting a pastel mani/pedi. The biggest nail polish brands: Orly, Butler, Essie, OPI, M.A.C, etc. have thousands of soft colors to choose from.

Orly Sweet Collection

If you want to add pastel into your wardrobe attempt color blocking with pastel. Take some mint green skinny jeans, a peach blouse, and nude pumps to create a put together look. You don't have to stick to this color combo (although I am a little biased to this combo because it is the pastel version of my alma mater, Florida A&M with the orange and green), you can pick any pastels and mix and match using the color blocking technique. Or you can throw out color blocking all together and get staple pastel pieces like jeans, a blazer, pumps, or even a chain purse!

This Lattice Cut - Out Blouse in peach can be found at Love Culture ( for $19.90

The last pastel trend I would suggest trying is pastel lipstick!!! Yes, that's right. Lipstick. I absolutely love nude and pink pastel lips (my favorite right now is M.A.C's snob lipstick and lipglass combo). You must be a little courageous when sporting this trend because it will definitely bring attention to your lips :) But don't be shy! If it doesn't work out the first time you can always wash it off!  Keep trying until you find what color suits you best.

Pictures found on tumblr. Not sure which brand or colors these are. But check brands like M.A.C, The Lip Bar, Ka'oir etc. to master your pastel lip.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Belated Christmas & A Happy New Year!!!

Hey to all my Ali Fashion Sense subbies! I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas. I know I had a great time in Florida (St. Augustine & Orlando) with my husband, my parents, my niece and two nephews. We enjoyed Christmas activities (light shows, ice skating, a trolley ride around downtown St. Augustine) and quality family time (reading the story about Jesus' birth, FaceTiming family, and opening gifts). And you know I had to find the nearest mall!!! I will be doing a haul on items I purchased on this vacay in the near future.

This post is just to again say thank you for believing in my blog, for returning on a daily basis to read my posts, and keeping me motivated to do this! I hope you all enjoyed your last few days in 2012 and are motivated to get things going in 2013.  I know people always have laundry lists of goals at the start of the new year that they may or may not complete. But my ultimate goal for Ali's Fashion Sense is to make the best of 2013, with new posts, fresh/creative ideas to keep you inspired and stylish!

So here's to 2013!!! And all the great things that are in store for us :)

Here a quick round up of my holiday time!

Excuse me in this picture. I didn't know I was in the shot lol, this is at the Magic Kingdom in Disney World
Me and my hubby in line about to meet Arielle (from the Little Mermaid)

I will leave you with this quote that I saw on Instagram which really hit me!

is page 1 of 365"

Since today is the 2nd of January, what is written on page 2 of this 365 day journey? I hope nothing but blessings and major style :)