Monday, June 30, 2014

Cheetah Girl

Saturday evening I went to a local fashion show with a couple of my friends. I went back and forth in my mind about what I should wear. I wanted to be cute, chic, and fashionable; so I decided to channel my inner cheetah girl and rock this animal printed jumpsuit that I picked up from H&M a couple summers ago. I layered my gold lock and key necklaces, stacked some bangles, and threw on my sandals, and draped my blazer over my shoulder (not pictured in this blog post) to add dramatics, and wallah, I was ready to rip the least to my seat, to watch the show lol!

Outfit Details: Animal Print Jumpsuit (H&M), Sandals (Forever 21), Sunnies (Forever 21), Watch (Charming Charlie's), Necklace (Forever 21)

I am absolutely in LOVE with jumpsuits and rompers. You can do NO wrong in my eyes with a jumpsuit. They are classy and timeless pieces that can be dressed up or down, and they'e the simplest solution to getting chic in an instant. The only drawback to wearing a jumpsuit/one piece is you have to get fully undressed to use the restroom. But sometimes beauty is hard work :) Are you as obsessed with jumpsuits as I am? If not, give them a try. I promise they will change your life and expand your summer wardrobe! Happy Monday!

Peace & Love,

Friday, June 27, 2014

[Thrifted] Floral Blazer

There are so many treasures that you can find in a thrift store or a consignment shop. With a little patience and persistence you can score great pieces for really inexpensive prices just like I scored this floral blazer (I know for sure this blazer was under $ can't beat that). It's a pretty "old - school" piece with bold colors and an even bolder pattern. When I first laid my eyes on it, it seemed like a "granny" blazer, but I envisioned just how I could update this blazer by adding some trendy pieces with it. The thing you should remember about shopping in a thrift shop is you MUST have an imagination. However the item hangs on the rack is NOT how you have to style it when you get home!

I was able to tone this look down by pairing the blazer with all black garments underneath - as the supporting cast - to let the blazer be the star of the show. The crossbody multicolored bag is one that my aunt purchased for me years ago, but it helped pull the look together so well.

Outfit Details: Thrifted Blazer (Goodwill), Leather Tee (Off The 5th), Leggings (Target), Suede Booties (Aldo), Bag (Purchased), Aviators (H&M), Gold Watch (Charming Charlie's), Gold Necklace (Forever 21), Lippie (M.A.C "Heroine"

Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you have a great weekend! TGIF luvs and happy thrifting :)


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Red Accents

The older I've gotten the more I've noticed that I've accumulated a lot of black pieces in my closet. I remember back in high school I would jokingly tease my debate teacher Mrs. Siegel because she wore black EVERYDAY. I told her that she should incorporate color into her wardrobe. Now that I'm older, I see maybe she was onto something that my young mind couldn't understand. I'm all for an all black ensemble #allblackeverything but sometimes you have to add the unexpected to differentiate your look.

Ali's Fashion Sense Fashion Tip: If you wear one color from head to toe like all black or all white play around with different textures and fabrics to help it standout more.

Outfit Details: Black Romper (Forever 21), Blazer (H&M), Lace - Up Booties (Charlotte Russe), Statement Necklace (Charlotte Russe), MK Watch (Macy's), Floral Headband (DIY Project), Aviator Sunnies (H&M)

The red accents (the floral headband and red lip) truly help this outfit standout! I love how the look came together, and how cute is the red bench and waterfall? Happy Wednesday luvs. Enjoy your day and make it great.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Gray Days

Some days I am just feeling gray! Not sad...the color. I wanted to create a monochromatic look to start off this week's blog posts so I grabbed my gray faux leather skirt which turned out to be the foundation of this particular outfit. I paired the skirt with my gray sweater (which can be worn on or off the shoulders), black sandals, and faux snakeskin clutch which helps tie all the various shades of gray together nicely. When you wear a monochromatic look remember all the shades of the color you choose don't have to be the exact same shade. As long as the shades are in the same color family the look can come together nicely. 

MONDAY MOTIVATION: I know sometimes we may actually feel down (or gray) but don't let a little funk get in the way of your fabulousness!!! Even when you don't feel your BEST don't let it show. Grab your favorite dress (or jeans if that's your thing) and pumps and rock them with your head held high and your  confidence shining through. Your gray skies will clear up in no time :)

Outfit Details: Sweater (TJ Maxx), Faux Leather Skirt (Topshop), Sandals (Forever 21), Clutch (Target), Bangles (Macy's), Necklace (Kiosk at the Mall), MK Watch (Macy's), Aviators (H&M)

I pray you have a wonderful Monday!


PS: Shout out to my hubby for sweating it out with me to take these great photos and for having great patience with me to get the perfect shots!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Golden Details

I'm a lover of BIG things: big closets, big hair, and even big cities. But sometimes, its cool to scale back and enjoy the simplicities of life. Contrary to popular belief there are a lot of small towns around the state of GA that have hidden charm like Warner Robins, Macon, and Perry, GA; although lot of people who live outside of the state of Georgia think that Atlanta is the only city here (really, but not really). I went "downtown" Perry the other day with my hubby, camera in hand, while sporting my golden details (the trim of my glasses, the ankle strap on my wedges, and my layered gold chains) and here's some of the shots we captured.

Outfit Details: Army Green Tunic (Forever 21), Distressed Denim Shorts (Forever 21), Wedges with Gold Ankle Strap (Forever 21), Sunnies (Forever 21), Hat (H&M), Watch (Charming Charlie's), Short Gold Necklace (Forever 21), Long Triple Layered Gold Necklace (Thrifted)

From the budding trees and rustic alleyways, to the cobblestone side walks this quaint area had a southern charm which helped my basic threads and golden accents shine through! As you head into the weekend don't let anyone dim your light.

"Shine bright like a diamond and live your life like it's golden have a lovely weekend!"


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Leather Look

I like this double leather look because it's fun yet edgy. To create the look I paired my leather crop top with my leather skater skirt. I then grabbed my leather boots with the gold zipper and buckle detail in the rear. By layering two statement necklaces it helped to add an unexpected element of softness  to this hardened look. I found this old deserted gas station which served as the back drop for this photoshoot that assisted in amping up the ruggedness of this ensemble. As you can see from my last post (Pop of Neon) and the post today, crop tops are definitely on my "Summer Must - Have" list. 
SN: When I mention leather in this post it is all faux leather (there was no harming of animals from any of my "leather items). 

Outfit Details: Leather Crop Top (Forever 21), Leather Skater (H&M), Leather Boots w/ Gold Details (Target), Black, White, & Gold Statement Necklace (Charlotte Russe), Pastel Statement Necklace (Forever 21), Aviator Sunnies (H&M), Gold Watch (Charming Charlie's)

This look is a little dark and edgy, but it works! You may not be a fan of crop tops where you are showing off your mid section but keep in mind, you can wear the trend in a "classy" way without exposing your entire midsection. Ali's Fashion Sense Fashion Tip: If you want to incorporate a crop top into your summer rotation but you're uncomfortable with the idea of exposing your entire midsection grab a crop top that is a little longer in length and pair it with bottoms (skirt, shorts, or pants) that are high waisted so you are only showing a "peek - a - boo" of skin!

Happy Hump Day fashionistas!


Monday, June 16, 2014

Pop of Neon

Sometimes looks come together organically and today's post was example of it. I was going through my closet trying to pick out ensembles that I could rock on the blog this week and remembered I haven't sported my cream J.Lo palazzo pants in a while (if you're interested to see how I rocked the look previously check it out here). I wanted to change up the look a little bit so I decided to pair the wide legged pants with a cream linen blazer to give the outfit some structure. I then added my neon crop top from Charlotte Russe to infuse a unexpected pop of color to the ensemble. I'm very pleased with how the look turned out. It is very sophisticated (which I must give credit to the bob for upping the class factor along with the pearls) and chic. The pop of color helps the outfit stand out from the norm and helps pull the look together magnificently. 

Outfit Details: Linen Blazer (Forever 21), Neon Crop Top (Charlotte Russe), J.Lo Palazzo Pants (Kohl's), Snakeskin Clutch (Target), Pearl Necklace (Forever 21), Nude Sandals -Not Shown (Charlotte Russe), Cream & Gold Watch (Target)

Instead of just posing in front of the camera with this look I wore this outfit on date night this past weekend in Atlanta to celebrate my 2nd wedding anniversary. My hubby liked the outfit plus I got a ton of compliments! So I would say, this look was a success. What are your thoughts on the look? Would you rock palazzo pants and a crop top? How about neon for the summer? I'd love to hear your thoughts...don't be shy, comment below.

Thanks luv bugs!