Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sporty in Gray

I could've titled today's post 50 shades of gray because on Saturday, I went for this monochromatic look with various hues of gray. I've worn this dress many times and try to challenge myself to wear it differently each time. On this particular occasion I was able to layer different gray items in my closet, starting with the dress, then the pull over, then with the metallic sneaker wedges to create a soft, cool, sporty vibe. The thing I loved about this look was it was subdued but it still was fun, not to mention comfortable (you can't beat that)! The sneaker wedges added a playful element to the look, and the layered necklace gave it a little extra push to take it from drab to fab!

 I love when I am able to continuously reinvent a piece in my closet and make it look totally different. When I created this look, my husband asked if it was a new dress. That is the key to successfully maximizing your wardrobe. Every time someone sees you they should "think" you are a professional shopper for a living lol...because of how you're able to reinvent and switch up your wardrobe to make it "appear" new. 

Gray High/LowDress (Forever 21), Gray Pull Over (Forever 21), Metallic Sneaker Wedges (Target), Layered Necklace (Forever 21), Love Multifinger Ring (Charlotte Russe), MK Watch (Macy's)

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday luvs. Let it be filled with purpose, passion, and productivity!



  1. Please do, and take pics when you do (and tag me) so I can see it lol :)