Friday, June 6, 2014

Technicolored Coverup

Sometimes you find a jewel when you least expect it! 2 years ago I bought this multicolored swimsuit coverup for my honeymoon in Jamaica. When I bought it I was drawn to the eye - popping colors, the free - flowing design, and the luxurious feel! I know you're thinking you wore a swimsuit coverup outside of going to the beach or the pool? "Yep" you would be correct! I'm all for breaking fashion rules and stepping outside the box (or coloring outside the lines)...figuratively of course! I've been wanting to pair this coverup with a non - poolside look for sometime now, but I've never found the perfect matchup until NOW! 

While perusing through my closet to see which outfits I would shoot for the blog this week, I stumbled across my elaborate technicolored coverup hanging at the back of my closet in all it's glory! I've attempted (and failed plenty of times) to pair this coverup with items like jeans and a simple top, and even a dress but neither looks spoke to my inner fashion spirit. So I guess my closet was offering me a fashion gift because the way my closet is set up places this coverup next to my jumpsuits. I pulled out this Kardashian Kollection jumpsuit that I scored from Sears a couple years ago and placed the colorful coverup on top! And wallah...I swear I even heard the fashion heavens open up and sing "Hallelujah!" Here's the end result of my pairing of the bold coverup and subdued jumpsuit. A colorful masterpiece.

Outfit Details: Swimsuit Coverup (H&M), Black Kardashian Kollection Jumpsuit (Sears), Sandals (Forever 21), Purple Rimmed Sunnies (Forever 21), Earrings (Beauty Supply Store), Bangles (Unknown)

I hope you enjoyed today's look as much as I had fun shooting it! Have an awesome weekend luvs. See you back here bright and early Monday morning :)



  1. I really like this look Alishia! So creative! You're awesome!

    1. Thank you Bohdana. I just try to utilize what's in the closet...I'm glad it comes off well. :)

  2. This is so beautifully put together. The look is so chic, and your accessories are gorgeous. I'm so sad I missed out on this coverup. If you ever plan to sell it, i guarantee I will be the highest bidder.