Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Black Neoprene Shirt + Black Shorts

First things first. I apologize for not posting a blog on Monday. I had good intentions I swear. But last week I house sat/pet sat for my brother while he and his family went out of town. They have an 8 month old Cane Corso puppy who gave me a run for my money. It was like babysitting a newborn baby. She had a schedule of when she woke up, ate, needed to go outside, nap, play etc. Needless to say she wore me out from Monday - Sunday. So when I got home my intentions were to take photos for my blog to post for the week but I ended up just crashing instead. 

Now that that's out the way lets get into today's blog post and this neoprene shirt. So my mom's sister, my cool aunt, from time to time sends me little fashion care packages. In the last care package I saw this cool shirt with an Iridescent triangle on the front. When I saw it it immediately reminded me of something from Star Trek or outer space. It was weird and I liked it. To make it a bit more high fashion I kept the look simple pairing it with a black pair of shorts and my latest pair of booties that I snagged from JustFab. I threw  on my thrifted sunnies because they have a matching gold triangle in the middle and added a dark lip to complete the look. Since the shirts the focal point I wanted a subtle, clean backdrop for the rest of the outfit. Check out the full look below.

Outfit Details: Neoprene Shirt (Marshall's), Shorts (Express), Booties (, Sunnies (Thrifted), Ear Cuffs (Forever 21)

As you can see if you have a stand out piece that you want to highlight its best to use simplistic pieces that compliment the stand out piece. By keeping all the other garments streamlined it allows a persons eyes to beeline straight to the "special" piece. What quirky, cool items do you have in your closet that stop the show? Let me know in the comment section below. And do me another favor...have a Happy Hump Day!


Thursday, July 23, 2015

White Tee + Sweatpants + Heels

When I think about the weekend, I think about kicking up your feet, brunch, snuggling with the bae, late nights, early mornings, sleeping in, Netflixing (yes, I just made that a verb), etc. Basically, the weekend is for letting your hair down, kicking back, and enjoying life (at least in theory lol). This outfit truly exudes weekend vibes. I took the concept of sweats and a t- shirt and revamped it. In true Alis Fashion Sense style I switched out an old tee with a flowy tee, dingy sweats for moto detailed sweatpants (which are from the men's section at Forever 21: Ali's Fashion Sense Tip: Don't overlook the men's section, they sometimes have really good jewels), and sneakers for a cute pair of pumps. This look is simple, quick to throw on, yet comfortable enough to have brunch with your girls, hit up a movie with your kids, or shopping with your boo. It's versatile enough to be casual yet pull - together all in honor of the "weekend."

Outfit Details: Tee (Forever 21), Sweatpants (Forever 21 Men), Pumps (Forever 21), Sunnies (Forever 21), Clutch (Target), Broach (Forever 21), Watch (Charming Charlie's)

Who says you can't wear a t-shirt and sweatpants out and about? Grab your cutest pumps, a dope clutch, and sunnies and you're ready to go. Cheers to the freakin' weekend. What are you ladies and gents getting into this weekend? Let me know in the comment section below.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ruffled Blouse + Leather Shorts

This week I am spending time house/pet sitting for my brother, so I had to plan ahead to get my outfit of the day posts done. If you are a blogger of any kind, planning ahead is KEY to staying consistent with your content. I shot all three of this weeks outfits in one day. This black on black look of the day incorporates my ruffled blouse that I got from K&G many years ago as well as my black leather H&M shorts. The over the knee booties add an edgy element to the look while the accessories pull the look together. 

Outfit Details: Ruffle Blouse (K&G: Old), Leather Shorts (H&M), Over The Knee Booties (JustFab), Sunnies (Thrifted), Lipstick (M.A.C. Ruby Woo), Earrings (Charlotte Russe)

Wearing all black makes me feel confident and well put together. A way to liven up an all black ensemble is to select various fabric choices as well as items with different details. For instance, my blouse has ruffles and lace and my leather shorts have pleats. It breaks up the mundane of wearing the same colors. What's your favorite way to rock all black? Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Hump Day luvs,

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Blazers + Printed Shorts

It's been H-O-T these past few days in Georgia. I mean scorching hot. It's hard to look good without sweating to death. But, I found a way to beat the heat and still master style. As I've mentioned before here on Ali's Fashion Sense blazers can take a simple outfit to the next level. I took a simple black tee and a pair of printed shorts, seems simple enough right? By throwing a blazer on top it takes a classic summer combo: a t-shirt and shorts and polishes up the look. I accessorized my outfit with a pair of new booties that I just swiped from JustFab and my fav necklace that you've seen time and time again. The sunnies and topknot bun add another level of slickness to the entire look.

Outfit Details: Blazer (Forever 21), Black Tee (H&M), Printed Shorts (Marshalls), Shoes (JustFab), Necklace (Fancy Kouture), Lipstick (M.A.C. Ruby Woo)

A blazer is an absolute MUST for a summer staple as it helps dress up an casual outfit.


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Must Haves

What Ali's Fashion Sense readers want, they get. I received a message on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago from one of my close friends. 

So you know I had to deliver! With summer in full swing its always good to stretch your wardrobe and add summer staples. So here is a quick guide if you are in a styling rut to get your summer swag on fleek. Click through to see all items.

Items with * next to them are the exact items in the slide show.

*2. Light Weight Jacket: Here - comes in various colors


6. White Jeans: Here

Rompers & Matching Sets
7. Romper/Jumpsuit: Here - comes in various colors and Here
8. Matching Striped Set: Here - comes in different prints

10. Classic Pumps: Here - comes in various colors

12. Sunglasses: Here
*14. Metallic Temporary Tattoos: Here

Hopefully, this list of items and styling options will help you be the "hottest" thing smoking this summer! If you're looking to purchase items with the * and similar ones to those in the slideshow check them out on my new Ali's Fashion Sense Amazon Store at (or using the direct links above) just in time for Prime Day! The Amazon Store is a simple collection of curated items that I suggest for you my readers to add to your Amazon cart as normal. Disclaimer: If you purchase an item from my store I can get  a 4% commission from Amazon (you do NOT pay more because of this process). So I hope you will stop by my store, browse, and buy! Happy shopping to all you my fab readers. If there is something you want me to find let me know in the comment section below. Just think of me as your personal shopper!


Sunday, July 12, 2015


While I was in Cali my friend took me to the Garment District. On our stroll through countless vendors we stumbled upon a shop that had hot trendy items. As I was searching through the racks I came across a gem. I've been coveting a cape for some time now, but I was never able to find one that I liked, in my price range (I'm a fashion blogger on a budget lol). So when I saw a black cape I knew I had to get it. Plus it was only $32 (win, win)! 

When I put the cape on yesterday for church I felt like a real - life super hero…more like Superwoman.

Outfit Details: Cape (Garment District), Ruffle Tank (Forever 21), Midi Skirt (H&M), Earrings (Forever 21), Sandals (Forever 21), Aviators (H&M)

Sometimes life throws curve balls at you. You feel like its too much to bear, but when you feel super overwhelmed, throw on your cape, dig deep, and rule the world!!! #GirlsRule #WhoRunTheWorld
Let's grab this Monday by the horns and make something happen today! Cape or not, we all are superwomen. Besides a cape, what makes you feel like superwoman? Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Monday luvs,

Friday, July 10, 2015

Double Up

TGIF! It is Friday and the start of a new weekend. I don't really have too much planned but why not kick off the weekend doubling up on color and fun! Fuchsia and orange seem like an unlikely pair but I was able to create a fun look centered around a romper with these bright bold colors that I scored from Target. Check out the full look below.

Outfit Details: Jumper (Target), Sandals (Charlotte Russe), Necklace (Charlotte Russe), Blazer (Forever 21), Sunglasses (Forever 21), Bracelet (Forever 21)

You want to know a secret about this outfit? Everything I have on is at least 4 years old or older. Who says you can't look fly in "old threads?" All you have to do is learn how to reglam, remix, and revamp items in your closet and you can have a whole new outlook on your wardrobe. Like I always say, get in your closet and explore the endless possibilities.

TGIF luvs,

Monday, July 6, 2015

Land of the Free?

This past Saturday we as a nation celebrated the 4th of July. With all the displays of flags, fireworks, red, white, and blue, BBQs, good food, talks of Independence, spending time with family and friends, parades etc. I must admit I felt a bit conflicted. Don't get me wrong I had a nice time just relaxing and sharing the holiday with my husband and Facetiming with my family back home in Michigan. But the climate in the US within the last couple years has made it hard to think we are truly in the Land of the Free. I mean, as a black/African American female here in America it really disturbs me to see so many attacks on the black family, education, police brutality against young black males (and females for that matter) with names like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner casually strolling across news headlines weekly (as it seems). And with the most recent killing of 9 innocent black victims in a church of all places this country seems to be at a stand still (or moving backwards) in the race relations category. As my husband and I discuss bringing a child into the world within the next year or two it is hard to fathom what the world (specifically the USA) will look like. Will he/she [my unborn child] have a true fair chance to chase after the "American Dream" we always brag about or will the color of his/her skin dictate the ceiling they can tell him/her they can reach? It is a complex situation that I think about quite often. With the phrases like #BlackLivesMatter plastered all over social media I think its easy to think of it as just a phrase. But in the words of our ancestors, I hope and truly believe that one day "we shall overcome!" Until that time of awakening and overcoming takes place we must do our part to truly change the landscape of the dark past in which we cannot escape the shadows. 

Outfit Details: Denim Jacket (Forever 21), White T - Shirt (Old Navy), Sailboat Print Shorts (Old Navy), Sandals (DSW), Statement Necklace (, Sunnies (Google: Received for Free), Earrings (Charlotte Russe), Lipstick (M.A.C Ruby Woo)

I know this is a supposed to be a fashion blog, but the reality is, with all that is going on in the "Land of the Free" I could not just sit back and remain silent about these injustices I have witnessed. Although I don a smile in these blog photos, and wear the coveted red, white, and blue my heart is heavy for all those families that have unjustly had to deal with death of loved ones for no apparent reason other than the color of their skin being the common denominator. 

I am black woman living in a country where the odds are stacked against me everyday. I do what I can to make a difference in my small bubble, but is that enough? My mission here on Ali's Fashion Sense is to help women (and even men if they read) feel their best and look their best (no matter what creed or color) through expressing themselves through fashion and style.  I know it may not change the world. But it is my hope that we can all feel a little joy in the way we look and one day the world will be just as happy to see us as we are when we look into the mirror while getting dressed. 

Thanks for stopping by Ali's Fashion Sense today. Let me know how you feel about the climate of the US currently and what you did (and wore) for the 4th of July. Lastly, I ask you to do a favor for me today…share a smile. The world has been filled with so much hatred that we need to spread a little bit more love!

Peace, Happy Monday luvs!