Monday, July 6, 2015

Land of the Free?

This past Saturday we as a nation celebrated the 4th of July. With all the displays of flags, fireworks, red, white, and blue, BBQs, good food, talks of Independence, spending time with family and friends, parades etc. I must admit I felt a bit conflicted. Don't get me wrong I had a nice time just relaxing and sharing the holiday with my husband and Facetiming with my family back home in Michigan. But the climate in the US within the last couple years has made it hard to think we are truly in the Land of the Free. I mean, as a black/African American female here in America it really disturbs me to see so many attacks on the black family, education, police brutality against young black males (and females for that matter) with names like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner casually strolling across news headlines weekly (as it seems). And with the most recent killing of 9 innocent black victims in a church of all places this country seems to be at a stand still (or moving backwards) in the race relations category. As my husband and I discuss bringing a child into the world within the next year or two it is hard to fathom what the world (specifically the USA) will look like. Will he/she [my unborn child] have a true fair chance to chase after the "American Dream" we always brag about or will the color of his/her skin dictate the ceiling they can tell him/her they can reach? It is a complex situation that I think about quite often. With the phrases like #BlackLivesMatter plastered all over social media I think its easy to think of it as just a phrase. But in the words of our ancestors, I hope and truly believe that one day "we shall overcome!" Until that time of awakening and overcoming takes place we must do our part to truly change the landscape of the dark past in which we cannot escape the shadows. 

Outfit Details: Denim Jacket (Forever 21), White T - Shirt (Old Navy), Sailboat Print Shorts (Old Navy), Sandals (DSW), Statement Necklace (, Sunnies (Google: Received for Free), Earrings (Charlotte Russe), Lipstick (M.A.C Ruby Woo)

I know this is a supposed to be a fashion blog, but the reality is, with all that is going on in the "Land of the Free" I could not just sit back and remain silent about these injustices I have witnessed. Although I don a smile in these blog photos, and wear the coveted red, white, and blue my heart is heavy for all those families that have unjustly had to deal with death of loved ones for no apparent reason other than the color of their skin being the common denominator. 

I am black woman living in a country where the odds are stacked against me everyday. I do what I can to make a difference in my small bubble, but is that enough? My mission here on Ali's Fashion Sense is to help women (and even men if they read) feel their best and look their best (no matter what creed or color) through expressing themselves through fashion and style.  I know it may not change the world. But it is my hope that we can all feel a little joy in the way we look and one day the world will be just as happy to see us as we are when we look into the mirror while getting dressed. 

Thanks for stopping by Ali's Fashion Sense today. Let me know how you feel about the climate of the US currently and what you did (and wore) for the 4th of July. Lastly, I ask you to do a favor for me today…share a smile. The world has been filled with so much hatred that we need to spread a little bit more love!

Peace, Happy Monday luvs!


  1. Thanks for using your blog as a genuine platform of expression. You are a citizen of America and what happens here in this country affects you, which will in turn affect your blog. Good job of mixing fashion with a message. #KeepTheConversationGoing

    1. This has been a BIG debate as to whether black bloggers in the fashion and beauty world should speak up about the current events taking place in our society. I couldn't just standby while these blatant injustices are occurring daily within our community. I wanted to use my platform to speak from the heart. Thanks for the encouragement.