Monday, April 13, 2015

Hot Spring Shoe Trend:Flatforms

I am always looking for new trends that I can incorporate in my ever changing closet. As I'm getting closer to 30 I want to streamline my clothes, making them more chic, unique, and edgy. I want things that not only match my personality but match my age as well. A spring shoe trend that has caught my eye are the flatforms. What are flatforms you ask? They are flats (sandals, sneakers, shoes) that have a higher raised sole that looks like a platform…hence the name FLATFORM. In honor of my search for the perfect flatform here are a list of a few favorites I've come across and how to style them. Happy viewing :)

Click to the right to view the slideshow. If you like the items you see click on them and it will take you to the link where to purchase them. 

I know this trend may not be for everyone, but I hope this post will give you a glimpse in how you can incorporate flatforms into your spring lineup (if they're your thing)! Would you rock the flatform trend? Let me know which style was your favorite in the comment section below.

Happy Monday luvs!

Friday, April 10, 2015

90s Groove

Although I was born in the 80s (1986 to be exact) I grew up in the 90s. The 90s raised me. With shows like All That, Kenan & Kel, Blossom, Clarissa Explains It All, Family Matters, Step By Step and countless others I learned what it was like to be a kid/preteen from these shows on Nickelodeon and on Fridays during ABC's TGIF. The fashions that I took in as a kid from denim, floral print, timberlands, box braids, and more are all but being recycled and brought back to fit modern styles. Like the old saying goes…there's nothing new under the sun! The outfit I'm wearing brings me back to those old school days. I opted for my floral dress, denim vest, and platform timberland inspired boots to bring back the 90s Groove. 

Outfit Details: Dress (Forever 21), Denim Vest (Forever 21), Boots (Online Boutique), Headband (Dollar Tree), Earrings (Charlotte Russe), Sunnies (H&M)

Speaking of the 90s you know what will make you feel old. Kids born in the 90s listening to some of the hottest 90s classics from all genres that we grew up on. After watching this video it made me feel like my mom when she used to hear an old school song (on our way to school) and she would utter those same four words…"now that is music!" I'm moving into that territory lol. In honor of Flashback Friday check out the video yourself here and see if it doesn't make you reminisce about the good ole days. Hopefully these old school jams will get you pumped for the weekend!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Festival Vibes

From Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Made in America festivals are the new pastime to fill your Spring and Summer calendars. To get a chance to hear awesome music, experience great food, see new sites, and meet new people is like none other. Although I've never been to one of these major festivals, I imagine that if I were to attend this ensemble would be an appropriate outfit choice. I'm trying to get my wear and tare out of this poncho before the temperatures forbid me to wear it. I paired my native inspired poncho with a denim top and pair of shorts, my cognac gladiators, and sunnies. I feel pretty good in this outfit. The vibrant poncho just makes me want to do a little spin (hence picture number 3…seen below).

Outfit Details: Poncho (Forever 21), Denim Shirt (Target), Denim Shorts (Forever 21), Gladiator Sandals (GoJane), Belt (Target)

Hopefully, I will be able to cross off attending a festival on my bucket list sooner than later. When that time comes, I have no doubt that I will be prepared…at least in the style department. What is the ideal festival outfit for you?

Happy Hump Day luvs,

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Cool

There are a few things you should know about me, Ali. I love fashion (the innovation, the colors, the creativity, the freedom of expression through style), I love my family (shout out to my awesome village: my husband, my parents, my siblings, my brothers/sister - in - laws, my nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles, and cousins etc.), I love my friends, I love to sing, I love to be creative, and most of all I love GOD. He is the reason for my existence, for my drive, for the passions embedded deep within. So as we reflect on the fact that yesterday was Easter I just wanted to publicly say that I appreciate the sacrifice that Jesus displayed just for me, dying for my sins along with the sins of the world! I know when we think of Easter the things that may pop into our minds are easter bunnies, candy, eggs, jellybeans, pastels, etc. but the ultimate meaning is the love of Jesus Christ. 

Here's how I celebrated my risen savior in style. In our church's celebration of Resurrection Sunday our Pastor always says come as you are. I wanted to dress in style but comfortably. So I opted for my dark wash skinny jeans, button up, geometric sweatshirt, blush vest, and light gray platform sandals. It turned out great. 

Outfit Details: Blush Vest (Forever 21), Skinny Jeans (Old Navy), Sweatshirt (Target), Denim Shirt (Target), Necklace (Fancy Kouture), Sunnies (Vintage), Sandals (Forever 21)

I looked great, I felt great, and I was able to celebrate my Lord and Savior with excitement. How did you spend your Easter? I'd love to hear about it in the comment section below. What did you do? What did you wear? How did you celebrate?

Happy Monday. Let's make today great!