Friday, August 21, 2015

The Secret To Transitioning A Hi - Lo Dress From Summer to Fall

I know, I know. You don't want to hear that Summer is coming to an end but we have to face the fact, FALL IS COMING. So it's better to be prepared than to let Fall catch you off guard. I will give you the inside styling deets on how to take a simple gray hi - lo dress and style it for the end of the summer as well as how to transition it for fall. The secret is all in the switching and swapping of pieces.

Hi - Lo Dress (Forever 21), White Slides (Forever 21), White Leather Clutch (Forever 21), White Collared Shirt (Old Navy), Necklace (, Aviators (H&M)

Hi - Lo Dress (Forever 21), Cognac Leather Jacket (TJ Maxx), Tan Fedora (Forever 21), Animal Print Booties (Belk), Sunnies (Forever 21), Necklace (

The main secret to transitioning any item in your closet is the art of layering. When you are able to layer it can help transition an outfit and make it fit for the times. Another key to transitioning your summer wardrobe into fall is to swap out summertime essentials for fall necessities. For my transition here are the items that I swapped or added:
White sandals - Animal Print Booties
Aviators - Cat Eye Sunnies
Red Lippie - Plum Lippie

Cognac Jacket

Enjoy the rest of the summer while you can. But definitely keep an eye on how you can seamlessly transition your favorite summer pieces into the fall. Until then, I hope you have a great weekend!


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

White Blazer + Patterned Romper

A couple weeks ago I showed you how I paired my floral blazer with a pink blazer. You can see it here. I expressed to you in that blog post how much I love rompers, jumpsuits, playsuits (whatever you want to call them). They are simply the easiest way to look chic and pulled together. I figured since the floral romper + the pink blazer was such a hit why fix what's  not broken? I reused the same formula of using the romper as a foundation and wearing a blazer on top. Thats the thing about fashion. Remember the K.I.S.S method..."Keep it simple sweetheart!" Fashion doesn't have to be fussy. A simple combo like a romper and a blazer. 

Outfit Details: Patterned Romper (Charlotte Russe), White Blazer (Forever 21), Booties (, Necklace (Macy's), Sunnies (Thrifted)

This patterned romper or any romper for that matter is a great essential to have in your closet as Summer dwindles down to its last days. Once the colder months hit you can always find jumpsuits (with long sleeves and pants versus shorts). I'm sure I will feature one or a couple in the upcoming months. Just stay tuned.

Happy Hump Day,

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Blush Vest + White Tee + Denim Skirt

Do you remember back in the 90s when we watched shows like Clarissa Explains It All, Full House, Family Matters, Sister Sister and denim skirts among other fashion styles were a thing. Well I had a little moment of nostalgia when I was in Forever 21 back in June in Cali and I ran across a denim skirt. It brought back memories of my childhood for sure. 

I pulled out my denim skirt yesterday and paired it with my fav blush colored vest and a plain white tee  to create a sophisticated yet relaxed look. I finished the styling by pairing it with a pair of nude pumps, a broach, and some sunnies. The great thing about ALL denim is the fact that you can dress it up or down. A denim skirt is no different. You can pair it with a tee, baseball cap, and Converse, or you can pair it with a collared shirt and blazer. The possibilities are endless.

Outfit Details: Denim Skirt (Forever 21), White Tee (Forever 21), Blush Vest (Forever 21), 
Nude Pumps (Forever 21), Sunglasses (Forever 21)

Do you own a denim skirt? How would you style yours? Leave a comment in the comment section below. I'd love to hear your take on styling a denim skirt. Ali's Fashion Sense Tippairing denim with denim is a sure fire way to look chic. Pick denim shades that are in similar families and you will look put together in an instant. See how Rih - Rih pulled off a rocking a denim skirt here. I hope this gives you major inspiration on how to rock denim flawlessly!

Happy Monday Luvs,

Monday, August 10, 2015

Leather Vest + Floral Jeans + White Tee

Last week I featured florals on the blog wearing my floral romper and blazer. Today, I am showing you how to style floral jeans. Flowers seem like something associated with spring time but the site of flowers can freshen up a home, decor, and even an outfit. Here is how I incorporated florals with a summertime twist. I chose cream and white tones to shape the outfit and made them all correlate using nude and gold accessories. Wearing leather in the summer can be a bit tricky if you're in a warm climate like GA, but it is NOT impossible. I paired my oversize leather vest (which I got on sale during the winter sale from Forever 21) with a lightweight tee. Having the lightweight tshirt underneath the leather vest helped me keep cool. When Fall and Winter come around I can use this same leather vest and pair it with a turtle neck or layer it over a full length duster coat. The options are endless. Check out the full OOTD below.

Outfit Details: Leather Vest (Forever 21), Floral Jeans (Charlotte Russe), White Tee (Old Navy), Sandals (Charlotte Russe), Sunnies (Forever 21)

I feel like a chic biker chick with this leather vest on. Pairing a leather vest with a more feminine silhouette (skinny jeans, midi skirt etc.) or fabric (lace silk etc.) can create a great contrast of hard and soft. Next time you decide to wear a leather vest try to add a more feminine touch with something less edgy to balance out the look and add an element of surprise.

Here are a few examples to get your fashion brain going:
Leather + Lace
Leather + Silk
Leather + Chiffon
Leather Jacket + Maxi
Leather Vest + Crop Top + High Waist Jeans
Leather Tee + Midi Skirt

Happy Monday lets make it a productive one,

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Blazer + Floral Romper

I am madly in love with rompers, jumpsuits, playsuits, jumpers. Whatever you want to call them...I love them! If you are someone who never knows what to wear or who wants a way to look put together without a lot of hassle rompers are your best friend! The thing I love about rompers are the fact that they look good on an array of body types, they come in different styles, lengths, colors, prints etc. and lastly they are easy to dress up or down. Like I mentioned in my last post it is best to find pieces to add to your wardrobe that you can get the best bang for your buck. The way you do that is by adding pieces that you can incorporate various ways. 

Outfit Details: Romper (Marshall's), Blazer (H&M), Booties (, 
Aviators (H&M), Earrings (Forever 21)

As you can see the romper is the foundation of the look. Simply by shedding the blazer you can create an entirely different look and feel to the romper. This week's blog posts are all about showing you how to add more versatility and flexibility with those items you have in your closet by making small tweaks to your outfits.

Happy Hump Day,

Monday, August 3, 2015

Cape + Crop Top + Printed Pants

I swear when I throw on my cape and a pair of sunglasses I get in diva - mode instantly. A cape will make you stand straighter, taller, hold your head up higher, and give you a confidence like never before. I highly suggest adding a cape to your wardrobe for a Fall staple (if you don't already possess one). In today's post I show how I styled my black cape, black leather crop top, black and white printed pants, and black sandals. Check out the completed look with and without the cape below.

Outfit Details: Cape (Fashion District), Printed Pants (Forever 21), Leather Crop Top (Forever 21), Sandals (K&G), Cat - Eye Sunglasses (Forever 21), Lip Color (NYX Transylvania)

The thing that I like about today's OOTD is the fact that I could dress it up or down for day and night. If I were to switch out the sandals for some flats and swap the cape for a denim jacket I could have a day look, and use the cape and high heel sandals for a night out on the town. With a few swaps I could have a totally different look. When you approach outfits you should think about how easily you can transition the pieces you throw on to add functionality to your life and wardrobe. What are good transition pieces that you have in your closet RIGHT NOW that you can use for day and night? Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Monday Luvs,