Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Black & Gold Dress + High Waist Leggings (Stirrups)

When I was younger I HATED stirrup pants. That strap across the bottom of my heel was sooo ANNOYING! Add that to a list of other things I hated to wear like: itchy dresses, turtlenecks, skirts, puffy ring dresses etc. Thank God I got some "sense" and grew out of the stage of hating all things fashion. I was a late bloomer to the fashion party, but, I still made it - better late than never as they say! 

Fast forward 30 years and I just purchased my first pair of stirrups (high waist leggings) as an adult, at Target. I've had stirrups on my wishlist for a few months as the trend is back into rotation. So it was a pleasant surprise when I saw these stirrups at Target for only $15. I knew right away I had to have them. As I stood at the checkout line ready to purchase my new stirrups, I chuckled to myself a little bit, because I so dreaded these type of pants when I was little. What a difference a few decades make!

But let's get to why we're really here! As promised, this post is the second installment of our holiday series. For today's look I paired my high waisted stirrup leggings with my black and gold smock dress (both of which I snagged from Target...can, I just say, Target has been killing the game lately in the clothing department. If you haven't checked out their [new] clothing lines [A New Day for women, Good Fellow for men, and Cat & Jack for kids] in a while, do yourself a favor and do so. You will not be disappointed). This combination is a match made in heaven. It checks off a plethora of boxes I personally look for when trying to capture the holiday spirit: gold (check), sparkle (check), sleekness (check) and slayage (check)! 

With temperatures steady dropping here in Georgia I decided to pair my dress with the new stirrup leggings I purchased instead of wearing it on its own for fuller coverage. To give the dress some added structure, I added my skinny patent leather belt, to create the illusion of a snatched waistline (coming summer 2018). 

Ali's Fashion Sense Tip: For a simple outfit hack, ditch the pants and patent leather belt and add tights and over - the - knee boots (or a pair of cute ankle booties) and wallah, you have a whole a different silhouette plus an additional holiday - ready outfit in a jiffy! You don't always have to go out and purchase things to get a fresh, new holiday look. Sometimes all it takes is a little creativity and a few swaps and you'll look like "new money!"

*I'm cracking up in the picture below because, as my hubby/photographer was snapping my picture a guy rolled by with his family in his minivan and said " you go girl!" It caught me completely off guard, but truly provided genuine holiday cheer. *

BLACK SMOCK DRESS WITH GOLD FOIL// via Target (cute alternative here) - HIGH WAISTED (STIRRUP) LEGGINGS// via Target - PATENT LEATHER BELT// old (similar here) - BLOCK HEELS// via Target  - EARRINGS// via Target (similar here)

This ensemble gives me great holiday cheer, and is the perfect holiday dress + pants combo for you to rock this holiday season. It's not too flashy but it gets the job done and the point across... "we came to slay!" We are in the holiday spirit here at Ali's Fashion Sense, hopefully you are too (cue the Christmas music and warm up the hot cocoa)! Stay tuned for our next holiday party installment. 

Until next time, I'll ttyl luvs,

Monday, December 11, 2017

Graphic Tee + Metallic Skirt

With the holiday season approaching, I wanted to do an outfit series that can span for a host of holiday occasions. We know as the Christmas and New Year's holidays roll around there are an endless amount of parties that we are invited too from family gatherings, work holiday parties, get - togethers at friends houses, late nights and early mornings on the town and much more. You want to look the part for all the different events you have to attend so I wanted to offer you some outfit inspiration/ideas to help you gear up for the most wonderful time of the year *cue Andy Williams!

When I think of the holiday's I think of metallic's, sequin, red, green, black, ugly sweaters, fur, tights, sparkles and more. For today's look, I wanted to create an outfit that offered a casual + dressy mix by pairing a [medium] "Rolling Stones" graphic tee (which I snubbed from the Men's Department at Target) with a metallic pleated skirt (from Target also). I added my cropped leather jacket on top to pull the look together and my red tasseled sandals to add an extra dash of holiday cheer! 

I love the juxtaposition of the casual tee paired with the metallic midi length skirt. It is an unexpected twist which offers a bit of edge plus feminine swag. You can wear this look to a friends holiday get together or out on a nice date. Either way, you'll be piping H-O-T!

ROLLING STONES TEE// via Target - METALLIC PLEATED SKIRT// via Target - CROPPED LEATHER JACKET// via H&M (similar here) - TASSEL RED SANDALS// via Charlotte Russe (similar here + exact shoe here sizes 5.5 - 6.5) - BAWSE LADY LIPPIE// via The Lip Bar - EARRINGS WITH TASSELS// via H&M (shown here in 5 different colors + same color different style)

What are some things you wear to your holiday get togethers? I'd love to hear in the comment section below. And stay tuned for more holiday inspired looks the rest of the week.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pin It - How to Accessorize Your Denim Jacket

As a mommy, being able to slip something on quickly is an art. This is one of those outfits you can "slip" on without a lot of thought or hesitation and look put together instantly. I love the idea of pairing an all black ensemble with a denim jacket. The all black gives off sleek vibes while the denim (especially a distressed denim jacket like mine) adds a little edge. I knew when I purchased the denim jacket I wanted to add something to it to help it stand out from its original look, so I started collecting a lot of pins, broaches, and patches. 

The patches accumulated on this jacket have been collected over time from stores like H&M, Hobby Lobby, and more. I think the most I spent on one pin was about $12. Other than that most of the pins I purchased averaged below or around $5. I love the pins because they add a unique twist to a classic piece. And the best part about it is that you are able to mix and match pins that fit your style and personality. 

There is no rhyme or reason with the placement of your pins (broaches or patches), that is the real beauty. You can be conservative and choose just one statement piece, or you can load up your jacket and have an enamel pin overload. It is solely up to you. No two denim jackets (with or without pins) are alike, which speaks to your individualized style. 

DENIM JACKET// via Charlotte Russe (similar here) - BLACK TURTLENECK// via Target (similar here in 4 different colors besides black & black here)- FAUX LEATHER LEGGINGS// via JCPenney (similar here) - FEDORA// via Target: old (similar here) - BOOTIES// via Old Navy (similar) - SUNNIES// via Charming Charlie's (similar for $5) - BLINGED OUT LIP BROACH// via Hobby Lobby - LIP, EYE, HAND, HEART SET// via H&M (similar here & here)- RIFFLE PAPER CO "LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE" SUNGLASSES PIN// via Merchant ATL (here) - "STILL A MOM" PIN & "BABYLOSS MOM" PIN// via Jolie Bloom (here & here) - A - L - I LETTER PINS// via (Hobby Lobby choose your letter here)

All the pins I have tell a story, from my "love" pin to my "Babyloss" pin, they express bits and pieces of me. I like the fact that these pins can begin a conversation without me ever having to say a word. The great thing about these tiny accessories is the fact that you can get an array of pins (patches, buttons, and broaches) that match your personality. I know for sure that this set of pins I have is only the beginning. I want to get another denim jacket and just "junk" it up with patches, pins, broaches, and paint. Just stay tuned. It's a project I want to work on in the upcoming future. In the meantime if you want to go down the rabbit hole and get some inspiration for your denim jacket application, check out Pinterest and search "Denim Jacket with Pins." I'm sure one of these boards/posts will grab your attention and spark your creativity into high gear. Happy pinning loves!


Monday, December 4, 2017

Dear Gray

Dear Gray,
This is the last month of 2017 and you just turned 9 months today (shout out to mommy for getting this post out on the actual day you turn 9 months). It's been a heck of a year. You're not quite one just yet but you are rapidly pressing your way to the big O-N-E! In the meantime let's discuss what you've been up to this past month.

Last month you had quite a few firsts:

You had your first sleepover with cousin Abel and TT Marshayla! You were pretty fascinated with Abel as he was crawling all around and at the beginning stages of walking! He gave you a picture of what to strive for!

You celebrated your first thanksgiving in Lutcher, Louisiana.

You traveled to Louisiana for the first time (this is your 4th state so far).

You met your great grandma, Grandma Edna (daddy's grandmother) Aka Gram and a host of aunts, uncles, and cousins for the first time. Your cousins Shannon and Savannah adored you. You also got to hang out with your paw - paw and Uncle Derrius!

You went to the Bayou Classic for the first time. Uncle Derryn's school (Grambling State University) beat daddy's school (Southern University)...but it's still HBCU (HBCU stands for Historically Black College and will definitely attend one one day) luv all day!

You went to the beach (Fort Walton Beach) for the first time and sat pool side at the Holiday Inn Resort in Fort Walton, FL! I think you're going to be a water baby because you absolutely enjoyed it, and you looked too cool in your sunnies! #Modelinthemaking

You went to your first (Christmas) parade here in Warner Robins, GA.  You had a fun day, but it wore you out!!

Developmental Updates:

You are on a roll, literally. You have learned how to roll over both ways and you roll ALL over the floor theses days. I think by the next Dear Gray installment you will be crawling.

You have a little siting of your first tooth. It hasn't peeked out your gums yet but it is well on its way. It doesn't make you the happiest baby when it starts to bother you, but you've been taking it like a champ. 

You are growing before our eyes daily and it is so exciting to see! You keep mommy and daddy on our toes and keep us in stitches all day. We love you beyond words and can't wait to see what the rest of this month has in store!!!


Mommy (and Daddy)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Try Something New

Back when I was in school (for the second time) I got really cool with one of my classmates, Haddy. We hit it off from the get go. Throughout the two years we were in fashion school together we got closer and closer and eventually became senior project partners. Haddy was a fierce realtor turned fashion student that commanded a room when she walked in. I loved her confidence, her outgoing personality, and her fly African pieces she wore on her social media accounts. Haddy is from Gambia, Africa. She often told me about her homeland, its culture, and their unique style. I always told her I would love to cop some pieces because she always had unique, one - of - a - kind garments with bold prints and interesting shapes. 

So fast forward to this summer, after Haddy and I graduated 1 year prior, and I received an unexpected package from Haddy. The package contained two kente cloth dashikis for Grayson (I cannot wait until he gets a little bigger so he can wear them, they are absolutely adorable), a red, floor length skirt with a beautiful pattern for me, and this beautifully cut dashiki. I’ve never owned a dashiki, but I was honored that Haddy would think of (Grayson and) me and introduce me/us to a little piece of her culture through some amazing garments.

I absolutely love this dashiki! It is bold, bright, and unapologetic which mirrors my personality. Even though I’ve never worn a dashiki, I wanted to own it! I paired it with a black pair of (D.I.Y) distressed jeans I purchased from the Gap, a pair of pointy - toed booties I scored from Old Navy about a year ago for less than $15, and my favorite new pair of sunnies (my yellow - tinted sunglasses from Windsor that you have seen often here on Ali’s Fashion Sense recently). This is the perfect top for traveling, because it slides on very easily, but more important it is a statement piece that doesn’t require much else.

DASHIKI// Gifted (similar) - BLACK DIY DISTRESSED JEANS// via Gap (similar) - POINTY TOE BOOTIES// via Old Navy: old (expensive dupe),  (cheaper option) - YELLOW SUNGLASSES// via Windsor (similar) - LIPPIE// via The Lip Bar in Prima Donna sold out but try this liquid matte lippie Crown Me)

Sometimes in life, we are afraid to try something new in fear of it not panning out the way we imagine. But the quote by the young author, Erin Hanson keeps popping up in my mind: What if I fall? Oh, my darling, what if you fly?” As we round out this last month of 2017 (Can you believe it is December already? Where did the time go?) let’s vow (you & me) to try something new: something that we’ve been wanting to do, wear, a new dish, a place to travel, an idea we’ve had buried inside etc. Just go for it! Life is too short (in the grand scheme of things) to live off fear, so why not fly into the unknown. And even if we fall we can still learn something from the fall (like another famous quote from Les Brown says…)  Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” So here is to abandoning fear in exchange for freedom to live the life we want and try new things!

Happy first day of December. Let’s rock out these last 31 days and gear up for an amazing 2018!!! TGIF luvs!