Friday, March 29, 2013

"Easter" Sunday's Best

If you attend church like me on Easter you know that Easter is a big deal! We celebrate the rising of Christ after being dead for 3 days,  all while stepping out in Springs hottest fashions and trends. Are you stumped as to what you should wear to your Easter celebration? Well, if so...this is the post for you. I have put together a few options to get your creative juices following so you can get your "praise" on in style.

Take this outfit as a blueprint for your "Easter" Sunday's Best look. Grab a bold printed dress and accessorize with silky smooth pastel sorbet colors, topping the outfit off with a structured jacket. 

Easter Sunday Sorbet

Diane Von Furstenberg dress / Zara jacket / Accessorize color block handbag / Necklace / Kate Spade jewelry

If you're like me, sometime you don't want to wear a dress or skirt to church and that is perfectly fine. However, that doesn't mean you can't look your best! With the monochromatic pantsuit you will look like $1,000,000 bucks. Powerful with an effort of ease! If you can't find an actual suit, piece together similar colors to create a monochromatic look. 

If you are shopping for a colored suit check department stores Macy's, Bloomingdales or my faves like Target, Forever 21, H&M, or Charlotte Russe

Nothing screams Spring louder than a floral print. For this look take a floral printed skirt and pair it with a cute blouse (or button up). OPTIONAL: grab a denim jacket or blazer to pull the look together and round out the look with a pair of streamline pumps.

Spring Florals

Givenchy shirt, $680 / Blazer, $33 / Stella McCartney / Yves Saint Laurent gold heels, $560 / Sophie Hulme envelope clutch, $635 / Juicy Couture bracelet watch / Kendra Scott earrings

Hopefully, this post has given you a vision board of inspiration for how to style your Easter Sunday outfit! I can't wait to see what you all come up with. Email me your Easter looks at :)

Have an awesome weekend luvs!


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Set It Off

Spring is finally HERE (at least on paper lol). You may not have seen the side effects of Spring yet, but that doesn't mean you can't have fun getting your closet prepared. Spring offers beautiful color palettes, great silhouettes, and awesome duos that will help you set it off like a true fashionista.

I've mentioned short sets before here on Ali's Fashion Sense, but they have found their ways back to Springs center stage this year. Short sets are charming yet offer a hint of contradiction. But you know what I like to say....BREAK THE FASHION RULES! Short suits offer a chic look almost suitable for the office yet a playful twist that will allow you to enjoy a night on the town!

Check out these runway looks and affordable grabs.

Designers across the US channeled Spring on the runway using the silhouette of a short suit. From the likes of Elie Saab, Tory Burch, Sally Lapointe, Michael Kors etc. You can choose a monochromatic look, prints or patterns to pull off this easy going trend.
(L to R)
1. All White Monochromatic Short Suit - Elie Saab
2. Blue Monochromatic Short Suit - Elie Saab
3. Feather Printed Short Suit - Tory Burch
4. Mustard Colored Monochromatic Short Suit - Sally Lapointe
5. Black & White Striped Short Suit - Michael Kors

(L to R)
1. Black Short Suit - Jason Wu
2. White Sheer Sleeved Short Suit -  Jason Wu
3. Cream Lined Short Suit (with matching vest) - Sass & Bide
4. Cream Cut - Out Short Suit - Sass & Bide

Check out these affordable options from the likes of Forever 21 and Zara. Also check out places like Asos, NastyGal, Charlotte Russe etc. If you can't find an actual "set" create one. You can find a blazer and shorts (close enough to match) and create an awesome look. 
Outside Short Suits are from Forever 21
Middle Floral Short Set is from Zara

Don't ruin your classy short suit by wearing the wrong shoes. Try pairing your suit with streamlined footwear like sandals, wedges, pumps, flats etc.

All shoe examples shown above can be found at

Are you ready to set it off in your short set? I know I am :)

Monday, March 25, 2013

June Ambrose's Partners with HSN to Launch New Shoe Line

My favorite stylist, June Ambrose has teamed up with Theme and HSN to drop an exclusive spring shoe line. June first started dropping hints about her colorful, sexy, shoe line on Instagram months ago. But she finally launched her gorgeous finished product on HSN, Friday March 22.

This line is great for women of all ages. She includes flat sandals, wedges, sleek tasseled sandals, and pumps. These shoes come in bright spring shades and chic patterns. Plus you can style them with just about anything! Don't believe me, check out the line below and tell me your thoughts.

Check out Auntie June rocking her "Faye" Strappy Mixed Media Pump with her textured paisley skirt and sheer sleeved shirt  (on the l) ; Mrs. Ambrose masters the color-blocking technique (on the r) rounding off her look with her "Eden" Block Heel Suede Sandal in purple

Get ready to hit the beach in these beautiful "Diane" Flats for $69.90. They come in blue, lime, and orange. - 1st Row

The "Grace" Open - Toe Wedge Pump is an awesome patterned wedge that has an ankle strap for extra support. It comes in black, blue, and nude for only $99.90. - 2nd Row

The "Eden" Block Heel Suede Sandal gives off the illusion of a wedge but is actually a chunky patterned heel. This unique architectural shoe comes in black, coral, and purple a the price - tag of $109.90. - 3rd Row

The sexy "Faye" Strappy Mixed Media Pump is a great show stopper for a night out on the town. They too are $109.90 and they come in black, gold, and my ultimate fav mint. - 4th Row

My favorite shoes out of the collection would have to be the "Turner" Suede Sandal for $109.90. The tasseled shoe comes in metallic black, blue, and nude and can be paired with the perfect little black dress or your favorite spring ensemble. - 5th Row

The "Freda" Suede Ankle Strap Pump is the perfect shoe for the woman who isn't quite comfortable in stilettos but likes to rock a cute heel. These pumps come with a price tag of  $119.90, but they give you versatility in color (black, nude, peacock) and stability! - 6th Row

Last but not least, the "Josephine" Suede Wedge Sandals round off the collection at $119.90. They come in  a black/white duo, blush, and teal. The tied up detail in the front sets it apart from all other wedges. - 7th Row

All in all, I'm pretty impressed with Auntie June's collection. It's pretty affordable for the average fashionista on a budget and it offers a versatile arsenal of styles, colors, fabulousness :) 

Will you be ordering a pair??? For more info check out:

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lace Under Distress

Denim jeans are a staple in women's and men's closets across the world. The average person owns between 7 - 8 pairs of jeans, which is great because the trend I am going to reveal to you today is super simple, yet it takes your classic pair of jeans and bumps it up a notch. I call this trend "lace under distress." All you need is a pair of distressed jeans (that you bought distressed or you can have a D.I.Y (do it yourself) party and create your own custom distressed jeans) and a pair of funky (lace or any other cool graphic) tights.

Since winter is coming to an end, here's a way to start your transition into spring with style. I love this trend because you take two simple items (jeans and tights) and mix them to create an element of intentional surprise. With the lace tights poking out the small/large rips of the distressed jeans you become a walking piece of art! Here are a few examples of how you can rock this trend.

The cool thing about this lace under distress option is that it doesn't take much to dress it up or down. You can rock it with a simple tee and flats or you could wear a collared shirt and a blazer with some pumps for a more glammed up look. There are endless possibilities, so try it and see how your lace looks under distress!

Have a happy Tuesday Fashion Senser's!!! And a huge thank you to all my supporters. I know I have been M.I.A the last couple weeks, but I'm slowly gaining my fashion inspiration and momentum back! So just bear with me :)


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sweat It Out Volume 2: Leather Sweatpants

I know you may be saying...enough already with the leather lol, but I just can't get enough. Today's post will highlight a growing trend which I've become very fond of...LEATHER SWEATPANTS :)
Yes, you did read that right. Leather sweatpants have been spotted on some of your favorite celebs both women and men alike. This trend is so awesome, not only because it is unisex but it is comfortable, chic, casual yet put together. You can experiment so much with this look by dressing it up or down (heels, blazers, sweatshirts, tees, denim, boots, sneakers...the list goes on and on). One thing is certain about leather sweatpants, if done right, no matter the look you're going for, you will look very polished! Don't believe me, just watch!!!

These celebs show you how to pull off leather sweatpants by accessorizing with tee shirts, graphic sweatshirts, denim button ups, and even blazers.

These fellas are serving major swag in a calm, cool, and collective way. These leather sweatpants are amazing to dress down. Just ask: Usher, Lebron James, Drake, Kanye West, and Rob Kardashian

I guess the key to pulling off leather sweatpants is all black everything! Maybe not, but you must agree these ladies look amazing in this casual chic style.

These ladies look like they run the world in these leather sweatpants. Don't you agree?
Alicia Keys, LaLa Anthony, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kim K sporting leather sweatpants

If you don't know, I am a huge fan of Instagram. SN: if you don't already, do me a favor, and follow me @AlisFashionSense on IG. While doing my daily browsing on Instagram one day, I found this pint sized swagged out cutie.

If I had a son, he would dress like this. Not only is this little cutie adorable...but he's right on trend rocking his pint sized version of leather sweatpants. Who said kids can't be fashion forward? Check him out on Instagram @illdilly

Is he not the cutest little guy EVER? OMG :)

If you are excited as I am to try this trend check out the world wide web to snag a pair. Here are a few sites I've found that sell leather sweatpants. - Just search leather sweatpants and see what pops up (prices will vary) - $71.90 - $75.00 - $128.00

If these sites aren't helpful don't count out handy dandy Google lol. I can't wait to add these beauties to my closet just in time for my Spring. Are you ready to sweat it out?

Monday, March 4, 2013

Midi Rings & Manicures

There was a a trend that was a really big hit last year, which has migrated into 2013. I've always had stages of cluttering my hands with rings. Back when I was a "fashionista in training" I would Mr. T my rings, wearing rings on the EVERY finger. I mean literally, every finger lol. This trend takes Mr. T's original concept of layering rings but adds a scoop of class. Mid Rings, also known as top rings, cuff rings, or knuckle rings, are rings worn above (or sometimes below) the knuckle. You can rock them stacked or on multiple fingers. There is no wrong way to sport this trend!

Mr. T wearing rings on every finger before midi's and cuffs even entered the fashion scene #fashionforward

Check out these super cute midi rings and ultra chic manicures

Here are a few tips to help you pull off this trend.

TIP #1: Buy rings one or two sizes smaller (so they don't go past your knuckle, but not too loose so they fall off) from an inexpensive store like my fav Forever 21, and stack them as you please.

TIP #2: Get in the "Do It Yourself" (DIY) spirit and make your own midi rings using blogger Style - Love - Repeat 's inexpensive trick at 

Last but not least,

TIP #3: Make sure you have a banging manicure to spruce up the entire look and pull it all together. 

If you need some extra visuals to help you get in the "ring around" mood check out some of our AFS (Ali's Fashion Sense) divas and how they rock their midi rings.

Rihanna sporting gold midi's in cool architectural shapes

Cassie rocking out in an Asos photoshoot with stacked midi cuff rings

Beyonce shows off her cuff rings (as you can see she wears them below the knuckle), but she adds one on every finger to amp up the brass :)

There is one ring that all girls dream about, you know the one I'm talking sits on the fourth finger left hand. But until the slot is filled (or if it has already ditched it's vacancy sign) get creative with accessorizing your fingers with midi/cuff rings.