Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sweat It Out Volume 2: Leather Sweatpants

I know you may be saying...enough already with the leather lol, but I just can't get enough. Today's post will highlight a growing trend which I've become very fond of...LEATHER SWEATPANTS :)
Yes, you did read that right. Leather sweatpants have been spotted on some of your favorite celebs both women and men alike. This trend is so awesome, not only because it is unisex but it is comfortable, chic, casual yet put together. You can experiment so much with this look by dressing it up or down (heels, blazers, sweatshirts, tees, denim, boots, sneakers...the list goes on and on). One thing is certain about leather sweatpants, if done right, no matter the look you're going for, you will look very polished! Don't believe me, just watch!!!

These celebs show you how to pull off leather sweatpants by accessorizing with tee shirts, graphic sweatshirts, denim button ups, and even blazers.

These fellas are serving major swag in a calm, cool, and collective way. These leather sweatpants are amazing to dress down. Just ask: Usher, Lebron James, Drake, Kanye West, and Rob Kardashian

I guess the key to pulling off leather sweatpants is all black everything! Maybe not, but you must agree these ladies look amazing in this casual chic style.

These ladies look like they run the world in these leather sweatpants. Don't you agree?
Alicia Keys, LaLa Anthony, Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kim K sporting leather sweatpants

If you don't know, I am a huge fan of Instagram. SN: if you don't already, do me a favor, and follow me @AlisFashionSense on IG. While doing my daily browsing on Instagram one day, I found this pint sized swagged out cutie.

If I had a son, he would dress like this. Not only is this little cutie adorable...but he's right on trend rocking his pint sized version of leather sweatpants. Who said kids can't be fashion forward? Check him out on Instagram @illdilly

Is he not the cutest little guy EVER? OMG :)

If you are excited as I am to try this trend check out the world wide web to snag a pair. Here are a few sites I've found that sell leather sweatpants.

www.etsy.com - Just search leather sweatpants and see what pops up (prices will vary)
www.shopjtique.com - $71.90
www.spoiledforever.com - $75.00
www.latoiamichelle.com - $128.00

If these sites aren't helpful don't count out handy dandy Google lol. I can't wait to add these beauties to my closet just in time for my Spring. Are you ready to sweat it out?


  1. I cannot find @illdilly & I'm desperately looking for leather sweats for my little boy. All mighty google is no help. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi, check out dillonger clothing.com they have sweat pants for little boys but they call them moon pants! Hopefully that helps :)