Monday, March 4, 2013

Midi Rings & Manicures

There was a a trend that was a really big hit last year, which has migrated into 2013. I've always had stages of cluttering my hands with rings. Back when I was a "fashionista in training" I would Mr. T my rings, wearing rings on the EVERY finger. I mean literally, every finger lol. This trend takes Mr. T's original concept of layering rings but adds a scoop of class. Mid Rings, also known as top rings, cuff rings, or knuckle rings, are rings worn above (or sometimes below) the knuckle. You can rock them stacked or on multiple fingers. There is no wrong way to sport this trend!

Mr. T wearing rings on every finger before midi's and cuffs even entered the fashion scene #fashionforward

Check out these super cute midi rings and ultra chic manicures

Here are a few tips to help you pull off this trend.

TIP #1: Buy rings one or two sizes smaller (so they don't go past your knuckle, but not too loose so they fall off) from an inexpensive store like my fav Forever 21, and stack them as you please.

TIP #2: Get in the "Do It Yourself" (DIY) spirit and make your own midi rings using blogger Style - Love - Repeat 's inexpensive trick at 

Last but not least,

TIP #3: Make sure you have a banging manicure to spruce up the entire look and pull it all together. 

If you need some extra visuals to help you get in the "ring around" mood check out some of our AFS (Ali's Fashion Sense) divas and how they rock their midi rings.

Rihanna sporting gold midi's in cool architectural shapes

Cassie rocking out in an Asos photoshoot with stacked midi cuff rings

Beyonce shows off her cuff rings (as you can see she wears them below the knuckle), but she adds one on every finger to amp up the brass :)

There is one ring that all girls dream about, you know the one I'm talking sits on the fourth finger left hand. But until the slot is filled (or if it has already ditched it's vacancy sign) get creative with accessorizing your fingers with midi/cuff rings.

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