Monday, March 30, 2015

Tough Girl

If you've come to blog more than once you know I am a leather, faux fur, and black junkie. I literally love each of those trends separately. But when they all come together it's magical. I recently ordered this nude blazer with leather sleeve details from Forever 21. It doesn't have any buttons or any closures, but I really like how it fits and looks. Due to this ever changing weather here in GA I never know what to wear (without being too hot or too cold). I decided to layer my latest blazer with my fav faux fur vest, a pair of black leggings and a simple black tee. The nude pumps help tie the look together. 

Outfit Details: Faux Fur Vest (Forever 21), Blazer with Leather Detail (Forever 21), Leggings (Target), Black Tee (H&M), Nude Pumps (Forever 21), Necklace (Fancy Kouture), Aviators (H&M)

This look truly makes me feel like a tough girl who can conquer the world, but who is not afraid to roll up her [leather] sleeves and get things done. I hope you all have an outfit like that in your closet. Lets make this Monday the best one yet luvs!


Friday, March 27, 2015

Mix It Up

Solange is one of my style hero's. Her ability to take two prints and make them cohesive, EFFORTLESSLY is truly a gift and quite mind blowing if you think about it. She has truly come into her own. I love to see what two wild and crazy prints she will pull off next with her crazy, sexy, cool vibe!

In honor of Mrs. Solange Knowles I tried my own version of mixing prints, the lite 2.0 version. I took my army green hieroglyphic vest and paired it with my black and white paint - splattered blouse. For a more casual look I paired my denim shorts and caged booties sandals. To play up the military theme (think army green) I grabbed my cognac and black belt (which helps suck me in at the waist, creating the illusion of an hour - glass), gold earrings, a broach, and an "I Believe in FAMU" button.

Outfit Details: Denim Shorts (Forever 21), Hieroglyphic Vest (Forever 21), Paint - Splattered Printed Blouse (Forever 21), Booties (JustFab), Belt (Forever 21), Aviators (H&M)

Mixing prints doesn't have to be a daunting task if you choose correctly. Two of the oddest pairs can become a masterpiece in the right hands. The Mixologist's Guide for Beginners: Try these 3 mixes to jump start your hand at mixing it up. 
1.) Floral Prints + Polka Dots
2.) Stripes + Stripes
3.) Print + Print 

TGIF my luvs. I hope that you try mixing  up your wardrobe this weekend!


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Muted Spring Palette

When I think of spring I think of pastels, Easter, rain, sunshine, and flowers. I am finding myself fall into these muted, pale tones when I shop for spring items like the items on today's blog post. If you are nervous to rock mint green or robins egg blue then you can go for a more subtle, softer palette that includes soft grays, pale pinks, nude camel - tones etc. My look is comprised of a pale pink duster vest, faux heather gray skirt, gray blouse, gray strappy platform sandals, my white leather lunch-bag clutch, and of course my favorite accessory to date…my statement necklace. 

Outfit Details: Strappy Gray Sandals: Forever 21 (here in black & gray), White Lunch - Bag Clutch: Forever 21 (similar here), Blush Vest: Forever 21 (here), Leather Skirt: Topshop (similar here)

The soft muted tones make me feel warm, happy, and ready to take on all the fun and adventure that spring has to offer!

Happy Hump Day,

Sunday, March 22, 2015

White + Denim + Chocolate

Hi guys! I've missed you. I know I haven't been blogging lately but life has truly caught up with me the past couple of weeks. From school work, exams, baby showers, rehearsals, fashion show prep etc. it's been a little crazy. But, I'm back now in tow, ready for springs sunshine, flowers, and fun and to post for you my fellow subbies and loyal readers. As spring has officially claimed its stake (at least via the calendars standards) it has prompted me to pull out my white + denim + chocolate. This color combination is such a classic palette but it never disappoints. The crisp white against the rugged denim is such a great contrast, and the warm chocolate accessories compliment the entire look. 

Outfit Details: White Dress (TJ Maxx), Denim Jacket (Forever 21), Gladiator Sandals:: old (Aldo), Aviators (H&M), Belt:: old (unknown)

The detail on this dress (with the lace and sheer) gives this simple white dress a bit of oomph. Are you and your wardrobe ready for spring? What are your top spring trends that you can't wait to try? Let me know in the comment section below.

Happy Monday Luvs,


Monday, March 16, 2015

Sephora's Pocket Contour Class

So I know this is Ali's Fashion Sense and we usually discuss fashion. But, today I wanted to flip the script and talk about something a little different…makeup. Specifically contouring. I must say, I am in NO way a makeup artist. 

If you've been around you've heard the word contour like you hear fleek, twerk, or any other pop culture slang. Now - a - days you can find countless YouTube tutorials from awesome makeup gurus about contouring. But usually when you try to do it on your own it  looks NOTHING like the tutorial. So while I was perusing the world wide web I found an article about Sephora's Online Pocket Contour Class where you actually upload a picture of yourself and it shows you how to contour like a pro. 

ContourContouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup," according to Beau Nelson, Kristen Stewart's longtime makeup artist.

Below are the step - by - step instructions to get the perfect contour. Disclaimer: The picture I uploaded below is from my birthday when I had my makeup professionally done by a M.A.C makeup artist. 











I haven't actually tried to contour yet, but the app makes me feel confident that I can conquer this feat that was once deemed only for runways and high fashion shoots. To conquer your own face #beat check out  and try uploading your own picture. I will be stopping by Sephora very soon to pick up my contouring kit. How about you?

Happy contouring & Happy Monday!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Triple Denim

This outfit was conceived in my mind when I thought…what would it look like if I put my denim shirt under my denim overalls, and topped it off with my denim jacket. I have to admit none of the denim is the same shade, but I think that adds a bit of character to the outfit. Again my theme these last few posts has been about layering. Today's minimal layering efforts takes denim and multiplies it by 3. 

Outfit Details: Denim Overalls (Macy's), Denim Shirt (Target), Denim Jacket (Forever 21), Leather Vest (Forever 21), Pumps (Forever 21), Aviators (H&M)

This look is very comfy, very chill, very denim. And I love it! Would you rock triple denim? It's a great option for a weekend getup. Try it! Simply take 3 different items of denim (i.e. a denim skirt, a denim shirt, and a denim vest etc.) and layer them and wallah you have the perfect ensemble.

Have a great weekend luvs. I will see you Monday.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

[Burnt] Orange & Green

The colors orange and green spark different emotions to different people. To my husband he thinks of peas and carrots (it's a bit of shade…and a fun inside joke he always teases me with, as he went to a rival HBCU = Historically Black College or University). When I see orange and green it takes me back to my first love of higher education. The place where I met so many long lasting friends. Where my life was in shambles every other day (not really…just a young college student being dramatic) trying to obtain my Industrial Engineering degree. Where I learned an abundance of life lessons to become the woman I am today. The colors orange and green are the colors of my illustrious Alma mater, Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University aka FAMU. Those colors will always be near and dear to my heart and evoke nothing but a smile whenever I see them. So when I pulled out my orange and green blouse from my closet all I could do was smile. I decided to pair the blouse with a dark pair of skinny jeans and my cognac suede boots that I picked up from Aldo 8+ years ago. I grabbed my burnt orange silky cardigan as a layering piece, then draped my cognac leather jacket around my shoulders for a more dramatic effect. 

Outfit Details: Cognac Leather Jacket (TJ Maxx), Orange Silk Cardigan (Forever 21), Orange & Green Blouse (Love Culture), Denim Skinnies (Old Navy), Cognac Suede Boots: Old (Aldo), Aviators (H&M), Gold Watch (Charming Charlie's)

Shout out to all my rattlers who bleed orange and green all across the nation! #Rattlerforlife #IloveFAMU. And of course shout out to all my Ali's Fashion Sense readers, followers, and subbies. I love y'all too! SN: That's enough HBCU pride for today. I am off to go get pampered, thanks to my amazing husband aka my dope photographer, for purchasing me a much needed 60 - Minute Massage as my Valentine's Day gift. So I'm off to have a good day. I hope you do the same! Happy Hump Day luvs.