Friday, March 6, 2015

Triple Denim

This outfit was conceived in my mind when I thought…what would it look like if I put my denim shirt under my denim overalls, and topped it off with my denim jacket. I have to admit none of the denim is the same shade, but I think that adds a bit of character to the outfit. Again my theme these last few posts has been about layering. Today's minimal layering efforts takes denim and multiplies it by 3. 

Outfit Details: Denim Overalls (Macy's), Denim Shirt (Target), Denim Jacket (Forever 21), Leather Vest (Forever 21), Pumps (Forever 21), Aviators (H&M)

This look is very comfy, very chill, very denim. And I love it! Would you rock triple denim? It's a great option for a weekend getup. Try it! Simply take 3 different items of denim (i.e. a denim skirt, a denim shirt, and a denim vest etc.) and layer them and wallah you have the perfect ensemble.

Have a great weekend luvs. I will see you Monday.

1 comment:

  1. You do a great job of wearing many layers without looking bulky. I love the denim and cream vest.

    Denim overalls with the denim button-up underneath... genius! Rihanna and Beyonce need to pay you for this idea.