Friday, November 30, 2012

Luxe Leather Diaries

Leather is one hot commodity to warm you up as the cold season approaches! I am so in love with leather I can't get enough of it. I know I've probably mentioned leather a time or two in the past couple months but it's a way to spice up, edge up, and class up your wardrobe in minutes. The moment you slide your foot through a pair of (faux) leather pants I assure you you will stand a little taller, have an extra dash of swag, and take on your day with an extra bit of confidence. Don't believe me, check out these four styles to get your fashion wheels turning.

Some days its sneakers versus heels. That doesn't mean you still can't be chic!

Sweeten up your edgy side by adding pastel to your leather :)

Leather & Pastel

Vamp up your style in this black cherry leather duo.

Black Cherry

Black Cherry by alifashionsense featuring side zip pants

There is nothing more reminiscent of the Matrix than all black leather. This dress rips a page out of that book or shall I say from that movie screen!

All Black Leather

If these leather get - ups don't get your wheels turning check out one of Hollywood's fav couples Kimye (Kanye and Kim Kardashian) who are the repeat offenders of wearing leather!

HAPPY FRIDAY LUVS!!!! Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

OOTD - Cool Crisp Georgia Day

If you haven't heard I am currently in between jobs... since relocating to Georgia (shameless plug: if you know any company hiring Industrial Engineers - especially any fashion/cosmetic/beauty company (but not limited to of course) in Georgia please let me know) to be with my hubby. It's cool learning my role as a wife. Since being here I have gotten into a routine which doesn't require me to get cute everyday (since we go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week). So some days I just want to get dressed and look cute for no reason even though I may not be going anywhere (per say). When I was younger a lot of people used to ask me where I was going throughout the day because they said I usually looked overdressed. But my motto is "you should always look your best because you never know what the day may bring."

With that being said, I wanted to share my Outfit of the Day (OOTD) that I wore yesterday. The weather has been like a roller coaster here in GA. Some days it's sunny, some it's raining, and some it's cold! Well yesterday it was a cool 50 degrees so I decided to break out one of my pink faux fur jackets.


The focal point of this outfit for me is the jacket. It reminds me of a pink poodle (lol). It's a faux fur jacket that I picked up from Forever 21 a year or two ago. The white blouse has pink polka dots (which you can't really tell from the pictures...sorry for the change in lighting) I picked it up while thrifting in September. The shirt was less than $1. The jeans are probably one of my favorite pairs. They fit me like a glove. I got them from the Levi store at an outlet mall in Texas a couple years ago (Levi Extreme Curve Jeans). My boots are from Charming Charlie's. I got them on sale for like $22 about a year ago. I had been searching high and low for some cognac colored boots like these and they were the last pair, in my size, and on sale. I call that fashion fate :) My bag is also from Charming Charlie's as well.

Here is a quick close up of the jack and shirt (and my box braids...which I will be taking out this weekend)!!!

I'm going to make this post short and sweet. What OOTD are your wearing today? SN: One more day until the weekend :) Happy Thursday Luvs!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Lets face it, somethings are just better when they come in pairs. Just think about it, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cereal & Milk, Burgers & Fries (can you tell I'm ready to eat lunch lol), and I can't forget fashion's greatest duo Black & White. There is something about this classic pair that just works. It creates a pallet of endless possibilities. You can keep it basic with an entire outfit of just black and white, or you can spice it up by adding a pop of color. You can dress it up in a elegant sheath dress with leather pumps, or keep it casual and cool in a white t-shirt, black jeans, and ballet flats! All I'm saying is that you can do NO wrong with a black and white combo.

Houndstooth, also referred to as Dogtooth (shown on a smaller scale it can be referred to as Puppytooth) is a black and white pattern that originated in the Scottish Lowlands back in the 1800's (many centuries ago).

This pattern took the original classic of black and white and added a unique spin. It almost seems like a fashionable optical illusion. It's amazing to see how far Houndstooth has traveled and how people incorporate this awesome print in their wardrobe. I'm quite sure you've seen this pattern a time or two (even if you didn't know its name specifically).

Somethings in fashion just never go away, and Houndstooth is one of those faithful fashion staples. It reappears in many ways on the everyday woman and celebrities alike. Here are a few people who have sported houndstooth with ease as well as apparel that can boost your houndstooth closet count.

These ladies all are rocking the houndstooth print yet, their unique styles shine through. L to R: Kourtney Kardashian in a houndstooth strapless mini (with black panels), Kim Kardashian in a houndstooth cape, Keri Hilson in a fitted houndstooth skirt (paired with a similar patterned top), Rhianna in a houndstooth dress, Monica in an Alexander McQueen houndstooth blouse with gorgeous detail around the neck, and Beyonce in a houndstooth coat.

Houndstooth gloves, chain purse, iPhone cover, sheer and houndstooth dress, coat, sheath dress, rain boots, peep toe ankle booties, and flats. 

As you can see there are endless ways to insert houndstooth into your wardrobe no matter what your style aesthetic may be. One piece of advice....choose ONE piece of houndstooth print whether it be a skirt, dress, or pair of pumps etc. and tone it down with solid colors. Don't wear houndstooth from head to may get a little over whelming :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh, Give Thanks!

It has been a year and seven months since I've began my blogging journey!!! I started blogging April 2011 just as a hobby to see where this thing would take me. I fell off pretty much by the way side...until my beloved IE sister, Shelley told me I needed to get back to writing. Once she lit the fire under me I recommitted myself in January of 2012 and I haven't looked back since. I could not have fathomed the amount of love and support I would get from all of you, my Ali's Fashion Sense subbies and just people across the globe who tune in ever so often to read my daily posts. Since this is the season of giving thanks I wanted to take the time to personally give thanks for those of you who read my blog posts, comment, give me your feedback, come to me for your fashion dilemmas, and interesting post suggestions. If you stop by every day or just come by my blog every once in a while I appreciate you more than you ever know.

I've always had a secret love for writing. When I was in 3rd grade my teacher (Mrs. Dykman) always told me I would grow to be a famous author (it hasn't happened yet but I'm not writing it off, who knows what the future holds). To be able to use my writing skills while discussing my love for fashion gives me an outlet to voice my creativity and my unique fashion sense. Knowing that there are hundreds upon thousands of fashion blogs that you could visit each day warms my heart, that you visit mine. Again I just want to say a huge thanks. I just wanted to shout out everybody who has supported me over the past year.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ali's Favorite Things

"Girls in a white dresses with a blue satin sashes, 
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
Silver white winters that melt into springs, 
These are a few of my favorite things."

These are the lyrics to one of my favorite holiday songs, "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music. Although it is not quite Christmas, I felt the need to come up with some of my favorite things (from my closet of course). These items are some of my go to staples that I enjoy wearing. Although I must confess, I haven't worn some of these pieces yet, but the possibilities excite me. I got the urge to compile this list after watching Oprah's Favorite Things episode Sunday night. I wish I could say... you get a coat, you get a coat, you get a coat to all my Fashion Sense subbies...but I'm not balling (yet). So I will just share with you some of my favorites :)

*Drom roll please* So without further or due here is my list (in no particular order).

1. Route 66 Women's Jada Boot - Cognac from Kmart
These boots are great to slap on with with my cognac paneled gray leggings while running errands or going shopping. They are very comfortable and I absolutely love the color for the Fall/Winter seasons.

2. Nike Air Jordan 7 - Olympic Edition from Foot Locker
These are a pair of my favorite J's. They are super comfy and help to create the foundation for the perfect Tomboy Chic vibe! You can never go wrong with a pair of J's. 

3. Steve Madden Moskow Multicolor Glitter Metallic Platform Peep Toe Heels (whoa that was a mouthful) also known as my "Wedding Day Shoes" purchased from Bakers (I think)
These shoes have sentimental value, as they were the shoes I walked down the aisle in last June. I love them because they are peep toes, they have a cute bow at the toe, they sparkle, and they are more than 5 inches high! How can you go wrong with that combo?

4. Silver Junk Necklace from Charming Charlie's
This is my go to necklace when I want to spruce up a plain outfit. I always seem to get compliments on this chunky jeweled masterpiece. I absolutely love it :)

5. Charm Bracelets - The Multicolor Heart Charm Bracelet is from The Luxury Girl Boutique, The Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet came from a Juicy Couture Outlet most of the charms were gifts.
I loveeeee charm bracelets. I would consider these two to be my favorites. I like the bright multicolored heart to add a bit of flare to an outfit. I like the Juicy Couture charm bracelet because I was able to personalize it. It has some of my favorite things (no pun intended) like: nail polish, a peep toe pump, a crown (because I am a Queen lol), and even an engagement ring (if he likes it then he should put a ring on it lol, which HE did might I add) and many more!

7. Michael Kors Silver Watch from Macy's
This is my go to watch anytime I wear silver. I love the diamond details around the face and the big clear numbers.

8. Baby Pink Sheer Blouse from Love Culture
I love this shirt because it gives off a soft romantic feel. The color is soft, it drapes in all the right places, and it is light and comfy.

9. Cropped Blazers with Peek - A- Boo Back from Boutique in Atlanta
I am a sucker for blazers. I love blazers, jackets, coats, outwear etc. This has to be one of my favorite blazers because I like to wear neutral colors and I love the element of surprise in the back with the peek - a- boo details :)

10. Lauren Conrad Faux Leather Shorts - Cognac from Kohl's
I love anything that resembles leather (don't kill me PETA). These shorts are jewels because they are faux leather, they are high - waisted, and they are a lovely cognac color!!! Just smooth like butter. 

11. Chiffon Wide Leg Palazzo Pants by Jennifer Lopez from Kohl's 
I just got hip to Kohl's after living in Peoria, IL  the past year (since they didn't have any good malls). But I actually bought these numbers here in GA last week. What drew me to them were the soft chiffon material, the wideness of the pant legs, and the faux leather detailing at the top. I can't wait to bring out these pants for a holiday party or a night out on the town.

12. Kardashian Kollection Women's Tuxedo Jumpsuit in Black from Sears
I found this number in the midst of other cute pieces in the Kardashian Kollection. I love jumpsuits because they are super comfy, classy, and convenient (minus the fact when you have to use the restroom and have to get totally undressed just to use it lol). 

13. Camel Colored Cape from TJ Maxx
This cape was a gift from my awesome aunt. It is such a great piece to elevate the sophistication factor of any outfit. I would normally pair this cape with a pair of dark wash jeans, riding boots, and a long sleeve knit tee or turtle neck. 

14. Black Faux Fur Vest from Forever 21
You all have seen this vest time and time again on my blog. I can't get enough of it. Whenever I put it on, I feel like I am channeling my inner Rachel Zoe! This is my "if everything else fails" option. I know I will always look good if I throw on this vest.

13. Faux Fur Winter Accessories - Faux Fur Mittens from H&M, Faux Fur Lined Hat from Forever 21
I debuted these faux fur pieces earlier in my blog career. I still love them to this day. They keep me warm all while adding a dimension of style. 

This is only a mere snippet of some of my favorite things. To be honest, my entire closet is my favorite. I would not have bought the pieces that make up my closet if I didn't love them. What is on your favorite things list? Do you have anything similar in your closet?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sneaker Wedge Overhaul

Ok, I know, I know...this isn't the first time I've mentioned Sneaker Wedges on Ali's Fashion Sense. But I couldn't resist mentioning the fact that one of my favorite stores, the Red Circle Boutique..aka Target has a great pair of Sneaker Wedges that are absolutely fabulous. If you don't believe me, check them out yourself. They come in all Black (which I own), Silver (I also own this pair), and Multicolored (Navy Blue, Baby Pink, Cognac, and White...I guess I need to purchase these too to round out the trio). They are super comfortable and the best of all, they have an affordable price tag. At just $29.99 (online) and $39.99 in stores who can beat that?

Target's Women's Xhilaration Selma High - Top Sneakers in all black 

Target's Women's Xhilaration Selma High - Top Sneakers in silver

Target's multicolored Women's Xhilaration Selma High - Top Sneakers 

Here is how I styled my all black Selma High - Top Sneaker (Wedges). I started with my favorite closet army colored jacked with leather sleeves (which I had made), black leggings, black tee, and my all black sneaker wedges. I toughed it up by accessorizing with my gold bullet earrings, my gold rope chain, gold men's watch, and my faux fur stole.  I'm still unsure what to pair my silver wedges with, but I will be sure to photograph it once I come up with something brilliant!

Excuse the clothes in the back, I took my own pic at JC Penny's lol

Top View of my all blacks 

If you are not sold 100% try another version of the Target Sneaker Wedges. They are called the Women's Xhilaration Sandra Wedge High - Top Shoe. It comes in Gold and Taupe. It is priced at $29.99 (at least online).

Target's Women's Xhilaration Sandra Wedge High - Top Sneakers in gold

Target's Women's Xhilaration Sandra Wedge High - Top Sneakers in taupe 
FYI: In the top picture the third pair of sneaker wedges are from They are called the Combo Wedge Sneakers and they are $29.50. GoJane is another place to check for inexpensive Wedge Sneakers.'s Combo Sneaker Wedges in black and white (they also come in all black, chartreuse green and cognac, and orange and cognac)

Wedge sneakers are the perfect marriage between comfort, chicness, and absolute fabness :) You can throw these puppies on while running errands, taking your children to the park, or even for date night. You can dress them up or down all while knowing you will look absolutely great! So go out and grab a pair (or maybe 2) lol.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Style Log

I've had a huge case of writers block the last week. I've been so uninspired about blogging (hence the lack of posts) all while trying to juggle being a new stay at home wife. After one of my biggest supporters, my mom mentioned to me that I haven't blogged since November 13th I promised myself that I would dig deep, get some inspiration and put my fingers to the keys. I figured I could start out with familiar territory. ME!!!

The weekends tend to come and go so quickly that it almost seems like distant memories. But I wanted to give you a tiny glimpse into my weekend style log. I don't really have a system when it comes to picking out my clothes for the day. I just go with how I feel (emotional attachment to the clothes), what I will be doing all day (practicality of the garments), and how my hair and makeup will look with the outfit (the missing pieces to the puzzle).

Cooked breakfast with the hubby, cleaned the house, did laundry, watched college football, read, and went out to eat.

It's starting to get a little cooler (mid 60s....but I'm NOT complaining coming from the chilly/windy state of Illinois) here in Georgia so I pulled out my one of my fav pieces. My black faux fur vest from Forever 21, a black Danceskin long sleeve black shirt from Walmart, burgundy H&M leggings with faux leather panels, and my new black wedges and burgundy snakeskin clutch (I have the same clutch in cream as well) from Target.


Went to church, to the gym, watched a little football, ate lunch/dinner, and played Skip Bo with my husband!

Sundays are great for me because I am able to get my spirit revived at the House of the Lord. Get my body rejuvenated at the gym, and I'm able to rest and relax with my best friend, my hubby :) (who also doubles as my photographer lol)!!! I chose to wear my faux leather skirt from H&M, my oxblood red button up tie up blouse from Forever 21, my black H&M blazer, patterned tights (can't remember where I bought them), Steve Madden peep toe shoes, my snakeskin clutch from Target, and my cheetah print scarf (which I used to make my hair bow) from Charlotte Russe. Please excuse the my squinted eyes...the sun was beaming.

As you can see I had the same color scheme (burgundy/oxblood red & black) throughout the weekend (which I swear was not on purpose).  What did your weekend style log look like? I hope you enjoyed mine!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I've been told a time or two that education is the key that unlocks the door. So it's always great to be a continuous learner. To stay abreast on things going on around you in books, the news, in culture, and in fashion etc. Today's post will inform you about shoes and the formal names for them.

Have you ever been in a shoe store and saw a bad pair of shoes that you liked...but when you got home you couldn't describe them. Just call me, Professor with your personal shoe guide (from A to Z) to keep you on your toes *pun intended* I'm going to throw a pop quiz at the end so make sure you take out your pen and paper and take notes on your favorite shoe types.

1.) Ankle Boots
Boots that are cut off right below or slightly above the anklebone. They tend to have a minimal or high heel. 
2.) Ballet Flats
Flat shoes that have either no heel or a very minimal heel. The shoe has a rounded toe which is reminiscent of ballet slippers hence the term "Ballet Flats."
3.) D'Orsays
Shoes which sides are cut away creating two sections - a toe section and a heel section.
4.) Espadrilles
Flats or wedge heels traditionally made out of rope. They can have either closed or open toes.
5.) Flats
Any shoes that have no heel or a nominal heel.
6.) Flat Boots
Boots with no or minimal heels. Examples: Riding Boots, Mid-calf Boots, or Motorcycle Boots.
7.) Gladiators
Gladiators or as I like to call them "Jesus Sandals" are flat sandals inspired by versions which were once seen on Roman fighters. They have many straps around the ankle and across the foot.
8.) Kitten Heels
Kitten Heels can come in many forms. The key to spotting Kitten Heels are all in the heels. Their defining factor is a short heel usually between 1 - 2 inches.
9.) Loafers
Slip on shoes who ripped a page out of the menswear playbook. They are enclosed and have a high vamp (top part of the shoe). 

10.) Oxfords
Typically Oxfords lace up and are again inspired by menswear. They can have low or high heels and a range of details.
11.) Peep Toes
The main factor to distinguish a "Peep Toe" shoe is the small opening at the front of the shoe that allows a few toes to "peep" out. This shoe can come in a flat or heel.
12.) Platforms
Platforms are given a height advantage due to the extra thick front soles. Which also (depending on the maker of the shoe) create more support. 
13.) Pointy Toes
Shoes with an exaggerated pointed toe. These can come as flats and heels. 
14.) Pumps
Pumps are a classic staple. These shoes have covered toes, thin heels, and come in a variety of heights (low, medium or high). 
15.) Round Toes
These shoes are titled by their rounded toes. They have similar fronts reminiscent of ballet flats. 
16.) Sandals
Sandals can be high or low. They can come in flats or heels which feature straps but do not cover the toes. 
17.) Slides
Slides are open toe shoes with a high or low heel. They are completely backless. Out of all the shoes these have to be my LEAST favorite. (Mules are the exact same as slides except they have closed toes instead of open toes). 
18.) Slingbacks
Slingbacks can come in flats, pumps, or peep toes. They have a strap running behind the ankle to help keep the shoe securely on the foot. 

19.) Stilettos
Stilettos have thin, high heels which usually come with a 3(1/2) inch heel or higher. They make your legs look great also :)
20.) Strappy Sandals
Strappy Sandals usually come with stiletto heels, include multiple straps which crisscross in a variety of patterns across the toes or ankles.
21.) T-Straps
T-Straps can come in the form of heels or flats. The top center of the foot attaches to the strap which wraps around the ankle. 
22.) Tall Boots
Tall boots are just that. Boots that are knee high or taller. They can have a slim or chunky heel or can be flat or have a minimal heel. They can come off as sexy or even edgy. 
23.) Thongs
Thongs are shoes that have a strap running between the big and second toes. This style can include flip flops as well as sandals. 
24.) Wedges
Wedges are recognized by their triangle shaped heel which gives the shoe height and stability. 

I hope this post has given you some insight. If you can answer this one question I will deem you all "Shoeologists." QUESTION: Which shoe is traditionally made of rope and can have close or open toes? If your answer was: 4.) ESPADRILLES then you are ready to take on the shoe world. I hereby deem you graduates of Ali's' Fashion School. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Style Evolution: The Rihanna Edition"

In the famous words of Coco Chanel "Fashion fades, only style remains, the same." It's always great when a person finds their own style niche' and is able to come into their own. I will periodically post the style transformation of some of the top cultural icons of our time. Today I will discuss the style evolution of none other than the "good girl, gone bad" herself...Rihanna aka Robin Fenty. 

"Fashion fades, 
only style remains the same." 
- Coco Chanel

Rihanna hopped on the scene in early 2004 (SN: shout out to the graduating classes of 2004...the year I graduated from High School) with her Caribbean dance hall hit "Pon De Replay." And has been slaying the music and fashion scene ever since. Rihanna is the epitome of a rockstar. She changes her hair color and cut more than she changes her clothes. And we love her for her ability to take risk and truly not care what others think. Here is a a brief glimpse of Rihanna's style revolution and how she went from a dance hall teeny bopper, to dark edgy rockstar, to timeless sophisticated woman.

2004 - 2006

2007 - 2008

2009 - 2010

2010 - 2011

2011 - 2012

As you can see from this small picture gallery Rihanna has went through quite the transformation. To me she came into her own around 2007 - 2008. When she cut her long tresses into a black face framing bob. She changed from her sweet girl next door, to the girl with a bit of an edge. And she's never looked back since. I think the thing that we can gather from Rihanna is "do not be afraid of change!" You can always refine your style yet still look timeless. Don't be afraid to upgrade your fashion choices because like I stated earlier, "style remains the same."

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Arm Candy

As I've been on social media sites I've seen a blanket of pictures titled "Arm Candy." If you've never heard of arm candy let me set the record straight. It is nothing more than the layering of bracelets, and watches in a unique way to bring attention to your awesome arm pieces. You can have stacks, on stacks, on stacks of arm accessories to create a masterpiece. There is no right or wrong way to create arm candy but I would suggest not going OVERBOARD lol. If you need help with this layering effect here are a few ways to rock your arm candy!