Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Style Log

I've had a huge case of writers block the last week. I've been so uninspired about blogging (hence the lack of posts) all while trying to juggle being a new stay at home wife. After one of my biggest supporters, my mom mentioned to me that I haven't blogged since November 13th I promised myself that I would dig deep, get some inspiration and put my fingers to the keys. I figured I could start out with familiar territory. ME!!!

The weekends tend to come and go so quickly that it almost seems like distant memories. But I wanted to give you a tiny glimpse into my weekend style log. I don't really have a system when it comes to picking out my clothes for the day. I just go with how I feel (emotional attachment to the clothes), what I will be doing all day (practicality of the garments), and how my hair and makeup will look with the outfit (the missing pieces to the puzzle).

Cooked breakfast with the hubby, cleaned the house, did laundry, watched college football, read, and went out to eat.

It's starting to get a little cooler (mid 60s....but I'm NOT complaining coming from the chilly/windy state of Illinois) here in Georgia so I pulled out my one of my fav pieces. My black faux fur vest from Forever 21, a black Danceskin long sleeve black shirt from Walmart, burgundy H&M leggings with faux leather panels, and my new black wedges and burgundy snakeskin clutch (I have the same clutch in cream as well) from Target.


Went to church, to the gym, watched a little football, ate lunch/dinner, and played Skip Bo with my husband!

Sundays are great for me because I am able to get my spirit revived at the House of the Lord. Get my body rejuvenated at the gym, and I'm able to rest and relax with my best friend, my hubby :) (who also doubles as my photographer lol)!!! I chose to wear my faux leather skirt from H&M, my oxblood red button up tie up blouse from Forever 21, my black H&M blazer, patterned tights (can't remember where I bought them), Steve Madden peep toe shoes, my snakeskin clutch from Target, and my cheetah print scarf (which I used to make my hair bow) from Charlotte Russe. Please excuse the my squinted eyes...the sun was beaming.

As you can see I had the same color scheme (burgundy/oxblood red & black) throughout the weekend (which I swear was not on purpose).  What did your weekend style log look like? I hope you enjoyed mine!

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