Monday, November 5, 2012

Dinner And A Movie Date Night- OOTD

For those of my followers that don't know...I got married June 9th. However, me and my husband have been living in two different states ever since we were dating! So to my delight...we FINALLY after 4 long years have moved in together. It's been a week and two days and I'm loving every minute of it. In honor of my husband helping me pack all my things, taking off work, and driving 12 hours from IL to GA to move me into my new digs (a beautiful house he's lived in for 3+ years) I treated him to dinner and a movie on Friday.

This was our first date, as a married couple living in the same space. We went to see Tyler Perry's action packed movie "Alex Cross." I would definitely suggest going to see it if you like action and suspense. Then I treated my husband to his favorite cuisine...SEAFOOD with a dinner at Red Lobster. This post is just a quick view of what I chose to wear on our special date :)

This outfit is pretty simple. I have a multicolored floral jacket which I bought thrifted (less than $5). I am also wearing a black t-shirt and black leggings from Target. Teal spiked suede booties from and white feather earrings from Arden B.

This is one of my favorite box braid styles...the infamous Ninja Bun!!!  My makeup was pretty simple besides my rude deep purple glitter lips :)

My husband is not too fond of taking pictures. But with me as his wife...he definitely has to warm up to the idea...because I can't get enough of them! With that being said...I turned my camera on my hubby as my muse. The third pic is my favorite because my husband was mocking me. He said that is how I pose (lol). He cracks me up. For his date night outfit he chose a black and white plaid Mark Ecko button up, dark denim jeans from Old Navy, and black Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes!



Overall, our date night was a success. I look to many more great dates in the future. What do you do for fun on date nights? Most importantly, what do you wear?

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  1. This post is really funny! Glad to hear the move went well. Go team Anderson!