Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Lets face it, somethings are just better when they come in pairs. Just think about it, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Cereal & Milk, Burgers & Fries (can you tell I'm ready to eat lunch lol), and I can't forget fashion's greatest duo Black & White. There is something about this classic pair that just works. It creates a pallet of endless possibilities. You can keep it basic with an entire outfit of just black and white, or you can spice it up by adding a pop of color. You can dress it up in a elegant sheath dress with leather pumps, or keep it casual and cool in a white t-shirt, black jeans, and ballet flats! All I'm saying is that you can do NO wrong with a black and white combo.

Houndstooth, also referred to as Dogtooth (shown on a smaller scale it can be referred to as Puppytooth) is a black and white pattern that originated in the Scottish Lowlands back in the 1800's (many centuries ago).

This pattern took the original classic of black and white and added a unique spin. It almost seems like a fashionable optical illusion. It's amazing to see how far Houndstooth has traveled and how people incorporate this awesome print in their wardrobe. I'm quite sure you've seen this pattern a time or two (even if you didn't know its name specifically).

Somethings in fashion just never go away, and Houndstooth is one of those faithful fashion staples. It reappears in many ways on the everyday woman and celebrities alike. Here are a few people who have sported houndstooth with ease as well as apparel that can boost your houndstooth closet count.

These ladies all are rocking the houndstooth print yet, their unique styles shine through. L to R: Kourtney Kardashian in a houndstooth strapless mini (with black panels), Kim Kardashian in a houndstooth cape, Keri Hilson in a fitted houndstooth skirt (paired with a similar patterned top), Rhianna in a houndstooth dress, Monica in an Alexander McQueen houndstooth blouse with gorgeous detail around the neck, and Beyonce in a houndstooth coat.

Houndstooth gloves, chain purse, iPhone cover, sheer and houndstooth dress, coat, sheath dress, rain boots, peep toe ankle booties, and flats. 

As you can see there are endless ways to insert houndstooth into your wardrobe no matter what your style aesthetic may be. One piece of advice....choose ONE piece of houndstooth print whether it be a skirt, dress, or pair of pumps etc. and tone it down with solid colors. Don't wear houndstooth from head to may get a little over whelming :)


  1. I am pattern Woman. I'm especially a sucker for black and white contrasting patterns, so this is no exception. Can you post the link to the dress ? Thanks !!

  2. The houndstooth sheath dress is super SICK! Where can it be purchased?

  3. What is the link for the coat???