Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh, Give Thanks!

It has been a year and seven months since I've began my blogging journey!!! I started blogging April 2011 just as a hobby to see where this thing would take me. I fell off pretty much by the way side...until my beloved IE sister, Shelley told me I needed to get back to writing. Once she lit the fire under me I recommitted myself in January of 2012 and I haven't looked back since. I could not have fathomed the amount of love and support I would get from all of you, my Ali's Fashion Sense subbies and just people across the globe who tune in ever so often to read my daily posts. Since this is the season of giving thanks I wanted to take the time to personally give thanks for those of you who read my blog posts, comment, give me your feedback, come to me for your fashion dilemmas, and interesting post suggestions. If you stop by every day or just come by my blog every once in a while I appreciate you more than you ever know.

I've always had a secret love for writing. When I was in 3rd grade my teacher (Mrs. Dykman) always told me I would grow to be a famous author (it hasn't happened yet but I'm not writing it off, who knows what the future holds). To be able to use my writing skills while discussing my love for fashion gives me an outlet to voice my creativity and my unique fashion sense. Knowing that there are hundreds upon thousands of fashion blogs that you could visit each day warms my heart, that you visit mine. Again I just want to say a huge thanks. I just wanted to shout out everybody who has supported me over the past year.

Ali's Fashion Sense Subscribers

  1. Ambria Thurmond
  2. Brandy
  3. Brittany Jackson
  4. Brittnee Green
  5. Bruce Hardaway
  6. Cassnadra White
  7. Cierra Taylor
  8. D'Jeri Harris
  9. Danielle Henry
  10. Derrek Anderson
  11. Diana
  12. Erica Hampton
  13. Erica McLilley
  14. Joseph Heard
  15. Makita Phillips
  16. Maria Osler
  17. Mashira Taylor
  18. Queyanna Battle
  19. Shari Briggs
  20. Shelley Dickson
  21. Sherri Reveire
  22. Sylvia Lloyd
  23. Taniesha Wilson
  24. Timkia Nycole
  25. Trumaine Burrell

Ali's Fashion Sense Facebook "Likers"

  1. Alexis Cooley
  2. Alicia Phillips
  3. Alisha Moore
  4. Allen Sharper
  5. Boussi Johnson
  6. Britinee Green
  7. Brittany Matthews Gray
  8. Brittney Simmons
  9. C'Amanada Taylor
  10. Carita Grace Stewart
  11. Chantal Campbell
  12. Cici Taylor 
  13. Clarice Dixson
  14. Collete N Drew
  15. CookiesNCream Martin
  16. CourtneyLovingMe Johnson
  17. Crystal Bell
  18. Daethan Lewis
  19. Danielle Nelson
  20. Danielle Watson
  21. Dee Mcee
  22. Derrek Anderson
  23. Derryn Anderson
  24. DM Hall
  25. Dominique LadyRed
  26. Dorothea Dot Welch
  27. Dwana Jones
  28. Eleanor Ismail
  29. Erika Alyce
  30. Fierra Roper
  31. Gabriella Johnson
  32. Jacqueline Gibbs
  33. Jada H
  34. Jamaris Glenn
  35. Jasmina Alin
  36. Jeanine Allen
  37. Lisa Furby
  38. Liza Kornilova
  39. Lynette Kean
  40. Makita Phillips
  41. Maria Katre Osler
  42. Mary R. Willis
  43. Mashira Taylor
  44. Mercedes D. Brooks
  45. MsBell MrsSomerville
  46. Mz. Tene'Lynn
  47. Natasha Intricate - Design Crutchfield
  48. Nicole Jackson
  49. Nicole Palmer
  50. Nina Obot
  51. Pamela Lewis
  52. Phylicia Ross
  53. PJ Pascal
  54. Reasha Charee
  55. Selena Jaye
  56. Shenita Daniels
  57. Talisha TrulyBlessed Warren
  58. Tanesha Johnson
  59. Tasha Stoppennypenching Campbell
  60. Timkia Nycole
  61. Trumaine Burrell
  62. Zanita 'Z' Clipper

If your name is not mentioned please charge it to my head and not my heart! Also, don't forget about the contest I have going on (November 5 - December 29). The contest rules are below.

Ok Fashion Senser's I need your help! Starting (Nov. 5th through Dec. 29th), I am starting an initiative to get more subscribers on my blog and more "Likes" on my Ali's Fashion Sense page. So I need your help....if you have not yet, please 1. Subscribe to my blog (you will need a valid email address to subscribe). 2. "Like" my Ali's Fashion Sense Facebook page ( O
n December 31st, I will choose one lucky Ali's Fashion Senser to receive a personal gift basket with some of my favorite things! So spread the word. And as always your support is greatly appreciated! ♥ ♥ ♥

The contest ends December 29 so spread the word to all of your friends and family!!! If your name is highlighted in red, you are already in the running to win the gift basket from me! If not, get to it :) so you don't miss out! Once again thank you all for your unwavering support.



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