Friday, November 30, 2012

Luxe Leather Diaries

Leather is one hot commodity to warm you up as the cold season approaches! I am so in love with leather I can't get enough of it. I know I've probably mentioned leather a time or two in the past couple months but it's a way to spice up, edge up, and class up your wardrobe in minutes. The moment you slide your foot through a pair of (faux) leather pants I assure you you will stand a little taller, have an extra dash of swag, and take on your day with an extra bit of confidence. Don't believe me, check out these four styles to get your fashion wheels turning.

Some days its sneakers versus heels. That doesn't mean you still can't be chic!

Sweeten up your edgy side by adding pastel to your leather :)

Leather & Pastel

Vamp up your style in this black cherry leather duo.

Black Cherry

Black Cherry by alifashionsense featuring side zip pants

There is nothing more reminiscent of the Matrix than all black leather. This dress rips a page out of that book or shall I say from that movie screen!

All Black Leather

If these leather get - ups don't get your wheels turning check out one of Hollywood's fav couples Kimye (Kanye and Kim Kardashian) who are the repeat offenders of wearing leather!

HAPPY FRIDAY LUVS!!!! Enjoy your weekend!

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