Sunday, August 16, 2015

Blush Vest + White Tee + Denim Skirt

Do you remember back in the 90s when we watched shows like Clarissa Explains It All, Full House, Family Matters, Sister Sister and denim skirts among other fashion styles were a thing. Well I had a little moment of nostalgia when I was in Forever 21 back in June in Cali and I ran across a denim skirt. It brought back memories of my childhood for sure. 

I pulled out my denim skirt yesterday and paired it with my fav blush colored vest and a plain white tee  to create a sophisticated yet relaxed look. I finished the styling by pairing it with a pair of nude pumps, a broach, and some sunnies. The great thing about ALL denim is the fact that you can dress it up or down. A denim skirt is no different. You can pair it with a tee, baseball cap, and Converse, or you can pair it with a collared shirt and blazer. The possibilities are endless.

Outfit Details: Denim Skirt (Forever 21), White Tee (Forever 21), Blush Vest (Forever 21), 
Nude Pumps (Forever 21), Sunglasses (Forever 21)

Do you own a denim skirt? How would you style yours? Leave a comment in the comment section below. I'd love to hear your take on styling a denim skirt. Ali's Fashion Sense Tippairing denim with denim is a sure fire way to look chic. Pick denim shades that are in similar families and you will look put together in an instant. See how Rih - Rih pulled off a rocking a denim skirt here. I hope this gives you major inspiration on how to rock denim flawlessly!

Happy Monday Luvs,

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