Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer Must Haves

What Ali's Fashion Sense readers want, they get. I received a message on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago from one of my close friends. 

So you know I had to deliver! With summer in full swing its always good to stretch your wardrobe and add summer staples. So here is a quick guide if you are in a styling rut to get your summer swag on fleek. Click through to see all items.

Items with * next to them are the exact items in the slide show.

*2. Light Weight Jacket: Here - comes in various colors


6. White Jeans: Here

Rompers & Matching Sets
7. Romper/Jumpsuit: Here - comes in various colors and Here
8. Matching Striped Set: Here - comes in different prints

10. Classic Pumps: Here - comes in various colors

12. Sunglasses: Here
*14. Metallic Temporary Tattoos: Here

Hopefully, this list of items and styling options will help you be the "hottest" thing smoking this summer! If you're looking to purchase items with the * and similar ones to those in the slideshow check them out on my new Ali's Fashion Sense Amazon Store at (or using the direct links above) just in time for Prime Day! The Amazon Store is a simple collection of curated items that I suggest for you my readers to add to your Amazon cart as normal. Disclaimer: If you purchase an item from my store I can get  a 4% commission from Amazon (you do NOT pay more because of this process). So I hope you will stop by my store, browse, and buy! Happy shopping to all you my fab readers. If there is something you want me to find let me know in the comment section below. Just think of me as your personal shopper!


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