Thursday, January 24, 2013

Extreme Fashion Blogger Makeover: "The Husband Edition"

Not too long ago, I was browsing YouTube and saw one of my YouTube favorites challenge her fiance to pick out two outfits for her, to test his style awareness. I was pretty impressed with what he chose for her so I decided to extend the challenge to my significant other. Allowing him to rummage through our closet to see what he would come up with *says a silent prayer*!

So here were the stipulations to the challenge that I gave Derrek. I told him to pick out two outfits. One outfit for a date night, and one casual, everyday look. Both outfits had to include a jacket, shoes, and accessories. 

He reluctantly stood in our closet not knowing where to begin. After rummaging for a few minutes he landed on a cream "freakum dress" (as Beyonce' would call it) to lay out the foundation for his date night look. It quickly came together once he found the black patent leather pumps. Then he grabbed a black blazer, stud earrings, and a junk necklace. His narrative was that he was taking me to Red Lobster for a dinner date :) It's a little over dressed for a restaurant date, but I definitely will give him an A for effort. Plus the dress is sentimental because I wore it the day our entire bridal party went out as the big shebang the day before the wedding. 

*Pictured with and without the blazer to give off two effects
Dress - Charlotte Russe
Blazer - TJ Maxx
Jessica Simpson Patent Leather Pumps - DSW
Junk Necklace - Kiosk in Detroit Mall
Michael Kors Silver Watch - Macy's
Stud Earrings - Gift

The next challenge was to tackle the casual look. This is where Derrek almost had a mental breakdown lol (not literally but he wanted to get out of the closet ASAP). At first he took the easy way out and picked out a sundress and told me to pair it with some sandals. But I upped the ante on him. I told him to choose a casual outfit that I could wear in the winter. As in the mild Georgia winter (40 and 50 degrees, not the up North winter with temperatures hitting single digit degrees). So he went back to the drawing board. After giving him a tour of each section in the closet (jackets, blazers, jeans, skirts, dresses, shirts, etc.) he went straight for the "normal" jeans, as he called them (he was not a fan of my floral printed jeans, colored jeans, or leggings). He was strictly denim. He did however, choose my favorite pair of jeans, the Levi Extreme Curve Dark Wash Jeans. Then he grabbed my retro 4 Jordan's and went shirt by shirt until he found a black shirt that would "match" the colors in the shoes. He topped it off with a black leather motorcycle jacket, and some stud earrings!

Leather Motorcycle Jacket - H&M
Graphic T - Shirt - Target
Levi Extreme Curve Jeans - Levi Outlet
Retro 4 Jordan's - Nike Outlet
Michael Kors Silver Watch - Macy's
Studs - Gift
NY New Era Hat - Snatched from my hubby's personal collection

I must admit, after seeing the outfits all put together my hubby did a great job. I appreciate him for being such a good sport. Plus it was fun to play dress up :) I would definitely say he passed the challenge with flying colors. Maybe he can play my "stylist" more often!

I challenge you to try this exercise with your significant other or even a group of friends to see if those closest to you can pinpoint your style!

Happy Thursday luvs <3 


  1. Your husband did a good job. Both looks are cute :)

  2. Thanks @GirlsAreDolls I appreciate the luv ;)