Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

I have a confession to make! I love books. I'm a sucker for books and reading. It doesn't really matter what I read...ok, I take that back. It does matter what I read. But I like a lot of different books and magazines. Books about love, inspiration, finances, analytical books, spiritual books, and of course books about fashion. My latest book I scored is by one of my favorite "it" girls who has made her herself a household name. It's call "Beauty" by none other than Lauren Conrad aka LC (Laguna Beach and the Hills breakout star).

Beauty has nothing to do with clothes surprisingly. If you want to gather some style tips check out Lauren's first book "Style." Beauty boasts 276 pages full of personal beauty accounts by LC herself, pictures, and tips ranging from skin care, hair care, the perfect manicure, makeup tips (for everyday makeup looks to going out for a night on the town) and even managing your stress.

Don't take my word for it, check it out for yourself! The book retails for $21.99 but I'm a fashionista on a budget so I bought the book from Kroger (yep, you read that right, Kroger grocery store) for $16.00. I've decided to read a book a month as one of my New Years Resolutions to stimulate my mind versus watching TV all day. So this will be the first book on my list! Happy Reading!!!

Lauren Conrad's newest book "Beauty"

SN: Be on the lookout for some of my newest posts to come: 2013 Style Trends, The Fashion Blogger Makeover "The Hubby Edition", and Christmas Haul (items I've purchased over the Christmas holiday).

Happy Hump Day!

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