Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Camo Kraze

Camouflage clothing has been worn in our military for centuries to help our armed forces stay hidden by their outdoor surroundings. But it is not only worn on the battle fields, camouflaging troops from enemies it has also hit the runways and the streets helping fashionistas stand out, in style. Today's post will give you ideas how to incorporate camo with items that you probably already have in your closet to help you transform into "Commander In Chic!"

There are so many ways to rock army fatigue clothing. You can wear camo cargo shorts, pants, vests, jackets, hats, and t-shirts. The best thing about camo is that you can mix and match items with one staple piece of camouflage to give you a dope look. Here are a  few ideas on how to dress up (or down) this familiar olive green pattern.

This look can be used for a casual date night. The oversized military jacket can be paired with a pair of leather panel leggings, a fitted tee, and a bright pop of color for your accessories. I chose red suede wedges and a golden plated necklace to dress up the look. I would top this look off with a deep red matte lipstick to pull the look together. *ADDED BONUS: find some personalized buttons to give the camouflage jacket a little added personal charm!

Military Minded

Military Minded by alifashionsense featuring a vintage camo jacket

If you don't feel like putting on a pair of heels opt out, pairing some cargo pants or shorts with sneakers and a graphic tee. SN: The cool thing about camo is it plays as a neutral, so you can get away with mixing and matching different colors and prints. Which is why I paired the camo pants with the American flag tee. I paired a denim jacket with spiked shoulder details. I completed my look with a pair of Olympic Jordan's. But you can pair these pants with Timberland's, Sneakers, or even Combat Boots for a full military look.

American Pride

American Pride by alifashionsense featuring silver watches

This outfit takes a fitted jacket with leather detail, a sheer flirty skirt, a cropped tee, some gold accessories, and tops it off (literally) with a camouflage hat to give off a little more rugged look. I paired the skirt with a pair of Jeffrey Campbell chunky platform booties to round out this edgy look.

Girly Girl

Girly Girl by alifashionsense featuring gold jewelry

If you still aren't ready to put together an outfit, check out some of these celebs for inspiration :)
Teyana Taylor in cropped leather tee, camo pants, and Jordan's
Angela Simmons in a cropped camo jacket, black tee, black leggings, and black "red bottoms"
June Ambrose in camo cargos, wedge sandals, white blouse, and layered necklaces
Rihanna in a camo trench coat, black graphic tee, cropped shorts, and thigh high boots
Kim Kardashian in a camo romper, cropped blazer, and olive green booties

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  1. Camo is very much into demand nowadays, i have seen many celebrities wearing such kind of clothing, it looks great and it feels awesome.