Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trapped in the closet

Have you ever stood in your closet for countless minutes or hours (in some cases) trying to decide what you would wear for the day? For a date? For an interview? For a night on the town with your girls? An outfit that would capture your uniqueness, your creativity, your mood, while effortlessy speaking through your glamorous threads? If you are anything like me, and are always on the go, you don't have time to frolic through your closet all day piecing together the perfect outfit. But fret no more, there's an app for that!!! No seriously, there is an iPhone/iPad/iPod app called Touch Closet. It's one of the better closet apps that I have discovered (it's not as cool as Cher's 90's computerized closet in Clueless, but it is a close second). This app allows you to chose your outfits, enter new purchases from your fav vintage store, or boutique by style, color, and designer! This app even lets you track how often you've worn an outfit, so you can more effectively explore the depth of your closet! So to all my fashionistas check it out, tell me what you think! Happy closet organization :)


  1. This is what blogging is about! Sharing ideas! I never heard of this app. I am not a fashonista but I am sure the fashion junkys would appreciate it.

  2. I love you soo much for this, cause my closet is off the chain. It's hard to find things even with organization. I'm gonna test this out today