Monday, April 4, 2011


As I was driving to work (bright and early this morning) and the soothing pattern of raindrops hit my windshield I began to marvel at God's creations. Sometimes it's good to take time out and stop to realize nature's beauty around you (i.e. birds chirping, green grass, blue skies, raindrops hitting your window seal etc.). In the world of fashion, inspiration can be drawn from anywhere. Graffiti on an expressway underpass, structured architecture, and even snowflake patterns. My fashion inspiration changes daily. Many things inspire my wardrobe choices and merit my final clothing selection for the day (my mood, my daily activities, my hairstyle etc.). The greatest thing about fashion is once you are inspired you draw your own conclusions and interpret outfit selections based on your personal preference. I wanted to share a couple of fashion books that have inspired me and helped to jump start my creative wheels to a chic, sleek "new" me:

1. InStyle's book: "The New Secrets of Style" by the Editors at InStyle - I got this book last year sometime on Amazon for less than $30
2. Lauren Conrad's (from Laguna Beach & The  Hills) book: "Style" - I picked up this book from Target last week for $19.99

Check out these great reads for yourself. Use your inspiration to tap into your creative side, and go out today looking and feeling like your most fabulous self!

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  1. This looks really good Alishia! I know nothing about blogging. You'll have to show me how to "follow" you. I don't have or want twitter so if that's how I have to follow you...ain't happening! LOL

    Keep being CREATIVE! Love you!