Friday, April 15, 2011

Love Is In The Air!!!

This past weekend was one of the most memorable weekends of my life! Accompanied by my boyfriend, Derrek we headed to the "Red - Stick" aka Baton Rouge, LA for his college roommate's wedding. As a kid I hated weddings! They were boring sappy ceremonies, where you had to dress up (SN: I absolutely hated dresses as a little girl) in an itchy dress, be quiet, and be still while adults cried and rejoiced as the happy couple walked down the aisle in their wedding bliss.

As an adult I have grown very fond of weddings!  My boyfriend and I always talked about our "future" wedding and what it would look like. I began to fantasize on a daily basis about the colors, and the dresses, the guest-list, the reception etc. But those thoughts were put on hold as we were gearing up for the Gray's Wedding. It was a warm Saturday evening. I was uber excited because I was able to wear a sleeveless dress seeing that the temperature was in the high 80s (while back in MI it was a cool 50 degrees). We headed to the church (late of course, BEAUTY takes time...) to witness the union of two wonderful people.

Dress from Target, Shoes from DSW, Clutch Forever 21

The wedding  turned out to be absolutely beautiful. I love the concept of true black love. There is nothing quite like it. Coming down from the high of the wedding there was one more celebration to take place (at least so I thought). We celebrated my boyfriend's 26th birthday the following day. After going to dinner and gearing up for a movie we went to the Water Front for a romantic detour before the movie began. As we began to reflect on our relationship my boyfriend (or should I say my fiance) surprised me the ULTIMATE fashion accessory....."An Engagement Ring!" I was filled with 1000 emotions at once (joy, happiness, surprise, love, bliss, etc.). To say the least I ended the night feeling like "today was a good day" *in my Ice Cube voice*. Needless to say, we didn't make it to the movies :)

Diamonds Are Forever 

"Diamonds are a girls best friend, at least that's what they say. But believe me Shorty with the right allegiance you're gonna shine anyway!" - @Wale

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  1. I like how you turned your engagement into a blog about love and fashion. The dress is lovely! And its great to see that you are consistent.