Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Hubby Edition: Cognac Joggers + Navy Tee

Very seldom can I get my husband, who doubles as my blog photographer to step in front of the camera. But for today's blog post I got him to step from behind the lens to center stage. One thing about my husband, he rarely shops for clothing for himself. Clothing is not on the top of his priority list when it comes to shopping. So when we traveled to Florida a couple weeks ago I told him to get dressed and I took him on a "surprise" trip to the mall. 

We found these cute cognac joggers from Forever 21 Men and the perfect hat to match that was navy with a cognac colored brim (also from Forever 21 Men). My husband does not like the fitted jogger style but I convinced him to give them a try. Once he slipped them on he was pleasantly surprised how well they looked (see, it pays to listen to your least sometimes). Since we went to the fashion show Sunday, I thought it would be the perfect debut for his joggers. I paired the joggers with a navy and white shirt he had in the closet from Old Navy and his white cloth Polo shoes to round out the ensemble. It turned out way better than even I could've ever imagined. 

Outfit Details: Navy Tee (Old Navy), Cognac Joggers (Forever 21 Men), Hat (Forever 21 Men), Polo Shoes (Macy's)

It was fun to switch roles for this photoshoot. I may have to do this more often with the hubby! I hope you guys have a wonderful Wednesday! Happy Hump Day.



  1. This is really special. Hubby looks very handsome ...

  2. I SEE you, Derrek!!!!!! Come on, undercover model! #Yessssss #WerkSir