Wednesday, August 31, 2016

White Maxi + Statement Necklace

With all the pressures from social media and print media in general to look a certain way, be a certain size, dress a certain way, and live a certain lifestyle it's no wonder men and women around the globe suffer from the feelings of inadequacy or bearing the title of low self - esteem. That is why I am so excited to partner with one of my childhood friends (we've been friends since kindergarten...25 years strong) Tene' Robinson, as she kicks off her new movement Selfie Connoisseur. I know you may be thinking how can selfies help combat low self - esteem or rid people of that gut feeling of feeling inadequate? She is using her love and the cultures love of selfies to help promote self love, self acceptance, motivation, and positive energy one selfie at a time! 

There is nothing more satisfying than finding that perfect place where you truly love the "me" you see (from the inside out) when you're looking in the mirror and you realize that there is NO ONE like you amongst the 7.125 Billion people dwelling on the Earth; and that you offer a unique perspective that no one else can duplicate. It's pretty mind blowing. Through her movement at she will showcase various selfies of people around the globe using the hashtags: #fineselfiecollection #breathelovesmile #fineselfies. She will even do "self love giveaways" for those people who participate in submitting awesome selfies with positive messages (encompassing self love and positivity). 

I am happy to say I was one of the recipients of the self love giveaway. She gifted me with an amazing statement necklace. Since the necklace is very colorful and rather large I wanted to keep the rest of the outfit understated so that the necklace could get it's proper shine. I paired the necklace with one of my white maxi's (which you've seen plenty times before here on Ali's Fashion Sense). I then added my red tasseled sandals to accentuate the red in the statement necklace. The beauty of this necklace is the fact that you can dress it up or down (you can dress it up with a maxi and heels like me or with a white tee and jeans like Tene' did in her recent selfie). 

Outfit Details: Maxi (Express), Statement Necklace (Selfie Connoisseur Giveaway), Red Sandals (Charlotte Russe)

All in all this movement really excites me because it allows you to begin the road of self acceptance and love if you have not already arrived at your destination. And once you love yourself you are more capable of spreading love and positivity to others whom you encounter on a daily basis (whether you know them or not). Like the Notorious B.I.G said "spread love it's the [Brooklyn] way!" Let's use this movement to spread self love then extend love to all we meet. It will surely help make our world a better place. To learn more about the Selfie Connoisseur movement follow the journey via these social media platforms:

IG: @_selfieconnoisseur
Twitter: @selfconnoisseur
Hashtags: #fineselfiecollection, #breathelovesmile, #fineselfies



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