Wednesday, March 1, 2017

6 Month Blogging Hiatus

Hi, my name is Ali and I'm a [fashion] blogger lol! I felt like I needed to reintroduce myself since I've been on a 6 - month long hiatus. A lot has changed over these last six months.  I got a part - time job working retail at Charlotte Russe. I turned 31 on February 9th, and my husband received his Private Pilot License. But the biggest change of all is the size of my expanding belly. My husband and I are expecting Baby Anderson number two in 7 more weeks. Our due date is scheduled for April 14, 2017, so we'll see when my son wants to make his debut to the world. 

Mannequins I styled at work
Outfit Details: Faux Leather Baseball Cap: Forever 21 (Old), Blanket Poncho: Forever 21, White Button Up: H&M, Distressed Jeans: Charlotte Russe +

My positive affirmation that I said to myself on my birthday: The Best is YET to Come!!!

My hubby all smiles after passing his private pilot exam

The way my husband and I announced we were expecting to the world, along with his gender

All smiles in anticipation of our rainbow baby, Grayson
Outfit Details: Custom - Made Velvet Off The Shoulder Gown: AshleyMonique, Faux Fur Headpiece: AshleyMonique, Broach: Hobby Lobby

The smile on my face is indicative of God's love and promise to our family

After losing my first son DJ, I fell in love more with my husband because he has been my rock through the ups and downs this past year has presented us #TeamAnderson

Grayson at his 28 week ultrasound showing us his lovely profile

Grayson looking out at us during his 28 week ultrasound 

Grayson at his 31 week ultrasound appointment which also doubled as Valentine's Day! What a perfect gift

Initially I stopped blogging because I didn't want anyone to know I was pregnant because of the anxiety I was facing on a daily basis trying to grapple with the fact that I was going to be carrying another life into this world. I didn't want to announce prematurely and be met with the same fate that I was dealt last go round with my sleeping angel DJ. So my husband and I decided we would only share our pregnancy news with our immediate families. So that's exactly what we did! 

I found out I was expecting at the beginning of August but didn't share with others (family and friends alike) that I was expecting until December 2016! I partially told because I was starting to really show and could no longer hide my protruding baby bump.  Of course when I announced everyone was super excited for us as I've been very vocal about what pregnancy and loss looks like with our first pregnancy. So to be able to say I've walked THROUGH the valley and have now seen my rainbow on the other side means a lot. I couldn't have made it through the past year of darkness without my faith and my amazing support system! While I'm not fully in the clear I know, God will provide and deliver on His promise that I will be an Earthly mommy to a bouncing baby boy, Grayson Anderson, in a month and a half! I look forward to mommyhood and looking my baby in his eyes for the first time. I anticipate hearing his cry for the first time as I never got that intimate experience with my angel DJ who was born in a peaceful silence. 

So as I transition into preparing for my special arrival I want to document what's left of my pregnancy and transition my blog from a fashion - centered blog and expand it to a lifestyle blog where we can get candid about everything from love, fashion, marriage, mommyhood, health, and much more! I hope you're excited about this journey like I am! Hopefully you're still rocking with Ali. I missed you guys! Stayed tuned, Friday I will be chatting about my Rainbow Baby Shower that occurred last Saturday (February 25)! You won't want to miss it.

Birthday Selfie

Slight birthday slay
Outfit Details: Lace Kimono: Charlotte Russe, Graphic Tee: Charlotte Russe, Leggings: Kohl's, Faux Fur Jacket: Forever 21 (Old), Jessica Simpson Sandals: Ross, Rose Tinted Sunnies: Charlotte Russe, Faux Fur Purse: Charlotte Russe, Choker & Layered Necklaces: Charlotte Russe

Loving on my munchkin 

Running errands trying to look presentable with swollen feet #preggoproblems
Outfit Details: Floral Kimono: Charlotte Russe, Sleeveless Knit Bodycon: Charlotte Russe, Bow Sandals: Banana Republic Outlet, Rose Colored Sunnies: Charlotte Russe, Necklace (Old)

What's something you are committed to re-starting or jumpstarting TODAY? A health regimen? A new found mindset? A new hobby? Applying for a new job? Today marks the start of a new month, so why not use this clean slate to jump into the new found YOU!!! Here's to new beginnings.

Peace and love,



  1. Welcome Home!!! (Inside joke, lol). I am so glad to see you're back and look forward to the new focus of the blog. Please know you have my support whatever direction you take. Thank you for sharing your heart so beautifully with us in this post.

    Love ya,

  2. Welcome back!!! I love this blog. And look at those pregnancy ankles. Gotta love it.

  3. Mad respect and abundant love. Congratulations on everything - up and down blessings, especially your two angels!