Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veteran's Day

When I was straightening up my closet one Saturday afternoon I found a tee that I had ordered during the first Presidential Term of our POTUS "President Barack Obama!" I will never forget the feeling I felt when I was on a train with my dad, on a cold morning in the nation's capitol to see President Obama get sworn in for his first Presidential Inauguration. I felt like I was inserted into a special part of history. No other feeling was greater. So when I saw this shirt online I knew I had to cop it immediately. It's a little satire and word play off "Run DMC" instead exchanging the POTUS' face with a top hat and gold chain repping "Run DC!" Hopefully, it's not taken offensively I just really liked the shirt. Here's my way of jazzing up the shirt, just in time for Veteran's Day!

A closer look at the POTUS inspired outfit.
|Run DC Tee: Online Boutique| Printed Pants: Forever 21| Denim Shirt: Target| Faux Fur Stole: H&M| Leather Wedges: Aldo| Gold Chain: Forever 21|

Here's a little treat for all the Veteran's out there who tirelessly represent(ed) America. We salute you and say THANK YOU for all you've done (on our behalf of us as U.S. citizens). HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY!

The Gaither Vocal Band singing the Star - Spangled Banner Acapella. This is just mesmerizing, they sound so wonderful! Enjoy.


  1. This is great Ali! I love this outfit! So cute!

  2. Awww cute Ali !!! Those men sound like smooth.