Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Day At The Pier

Being that it is spring it makes me want to break out my neon, floral print, sunnies, and soak up the sun. Over the weekend I was able to attend a surprise party on the air force base where my husband works. While driving to the party I noticed a old wooden pier overlooking the lake and I knew I had to do my next photo shoot there for the blog. I took my floral mini, neon cut out blouse, neon sandals, and added a flower for dramatics, and wallah….my outfit was born. This look makes me want to smile. See more of my day at the pier below.

Outfit Details: Floral Skirt (Express), Neon Top (Akira), Sandals (Target), Sunnies (Thrifted)

As I stated before this outfit, the colors, the silhouette etc. just makes me excited! The calming water at the pier and the sun shining also helped my mood as well. Where do you go to lift your spirits? What do you wear? Let me know in the comments below :)

Happy Hump Day,


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    1. Thanks. The skirt was a gift from my aunt. She definitely knows my style.

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    1. Thanks Dee! I got them in Tallahasee at one of the Vintage Shops!

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