Monday, May 16, 2016

Striped Crop Top + Striped Pencil Skirt

Last week, after 2 long years of blood, sweat, tears, and experiencing the most tragic semester of my life (with the loss of my munchkin) I graduated with my 2nd Bachelors Degree in Apparel Textile Technology. With a major in Fashion Design & Product Development and a minor in Business Administration, all while maintaining a 4.0 G.P.A and graduating Summa Cum Laude. I say all this not to brag but to say...DON'T BE AFRAID TO FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS. 

I've always been a creative person from my love of fashion, art, music, writing etc. But I was also very good in math and science so I chose to go a more "secure" route and pursue engineering as a career path. While engineering taught me many life lessons, provided me with lasting friendships (including an amazing husband), and offered an amazing salary trajectory, my heart was not fully in it. Fast forward 7 years and I can boldly say that I am truly happy that I went with my heart to follow a dream I've had for some time. FASHION. While I have not yet lined up a job, I am confident that I will succeed in the fashion industry because my gifts, talents, and passion all align (along with the education to back it up). Furthermore a couple of years ago I created a vision board and would you believe that 3 of the things I wrote on my vision board have come to pass this year (1.) Go back to school for fashion 2.) Maintain a 4.0 G.P.A 3.) Graduate Summa Cum Laude). I say that to say...WRITE DOWN YOUR VISIONS & GOALS (you'd be surprised what can accomplish with the help of God, tenacity, and focus)! 

For my graduation I searched high and low to find a cute, sophisticated, comfortable outfit. As I was running out of options 3 days prior to graduation I ran across the Eva Mendes Collection at New York and Company and found the PERFECT outfit that checked off all 3 items on my graduation checklist. I love the nautical stripes. They are bold yet sophisticated and the fabric is super soft. I paired the black and white stripe ensemble with red fringe sandals to add an element of surprise to a simplistic look underneath my jet black robe. 

Outfit Details: Striped Crop Top (Eva Mendes New York & Co. Collection: here), Striped Pencil Skirt (Eva Mendes New York & Co. Collection: here), Red Fringe Sandals (Charolette Russe: Taupe hereRed here), Sunnies (Forever 21: Similar here)

I hope this blog post could be an inspiration to help you go after something you've always wanted, whether it is going back to school, starting a blog, writing a book, traveling more, changing career paths, or even starting a family. Whatever it may be I hope you start your journey today, all while looking your best (this is a fashion blog lol...I had to add that in there). I'd love for you to share one of your dreams in the comment section below so I can cheer you on in your pursuit:) In the famous words of Queen Bey: " I Slay, You Slay, We Slay!" So I hope you slay your day, your week, and your dreams.

Happy Monday Luvs,

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  1. I found this post thru the September issue of InStyle; one of the outfit pics was featured in their inspired by section. I love this OOTD, but I have to give more love to you. I am incredibly proud, humbled and amazed by your journey and perseverance through the trials thrown at you. May God continue to keep you and your husband in his hands and heart. Continue to slay hunney!!