Friday, May 5, 2017

Dear Gray

Dear Gray,
Here we are at Month 2! I cannot believe you've been on this earth going on 9 weeks. Time is truly flying and I want it to SLOW DOWN (you can't get these moments back). You continue to grow physically every day (your cheeks are getting fluffier, you have a slight case of double chin...don't feel bad mommy had one as a baby too, etc.) and you are beginning to develop your own personality. Every day I look at you, you look different. I've officially deemed you a chameleon ;) 

You are starting to stay up longer, make more facial expressions, follow voices, faces (on Facetime), pictures in books, and sounds you hear! You also have built an amazing bond with your daddy, which I absolutely LOVE!

In your 2nd month here are some of the things you do and love:

Nicknames we call you: Gray, G, Flipper (you make this funny dolphin noise), Maggie (like Maggie from the Simpson's ,you suck your pacifier really loud and hard)

Favorite Position to SleepOn mommy or daddy's chest or in your Boppy

Morning Routine: You have a pep talk with daddy before work, then you have your morning feeding, then you take a nap with mommy, we read a book, then I play your affirmation playlist to help us get the day started!

Favorite outfit this month (picked out by Mommy): The navy and white striped outfit you wore for Easter, because we all were matching as a family #TeamAnderson 

Favorite Book this month: "Oh The Places You'll Go" - Dr. Seuss

First trip: Road trip to Fort Walton Beach/Destin, FL with daddy for a work trip (May 2 - May 4)

Fun Fact: Your picture was featured on 3 Instagram sites this month

I love the little person you're turning into! You truly mean the world to us. You motivate me in ways I never knew I could be and I thank God for you on a daily basis. I can't wait to see what next month has in store. 

Happy 2 month birthday munchkin!

Mommy (and Daddy)

*1st and 7th pictures taken by Kimberly G Photography at 2 week photo shoot.


  1. He is so adorable. Glad you are recording his milestones. Time goes by so fast... you can refer back to earlier memories.

  2. This post gave me baby fever. XOXO