Friday, April 14, 2017

Shake Things Up

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to straighten out the top of my closet. It was absolute chaos. I removed every item of clothing and reorganized everything (grouping the items, folding the items, and giving each piece a specific home). Since I got the top of the closet organized I decided to go through my clothes that were hanging up as well. It was about that time that I did some official spring cleaning with my clothes anyway. 

During my pregnancy I "outgrew" a lot of the items I have in my closet. I lived in leggings because they were comfortable and the only piece of clothing in my closet that could "stretch" with me and my growing belly. Overtime I got really bored with the items in my closet (as I felt like I was wearing the same things over and over and over again). So while I was cleaning out my closet I decided to "shake things up" a bit.

I knew there were some items that needed to be thrown out, there were others that I simply did not like any more that needed to be donated, there were some pieces that I was on the fence about keeping or discarding, and then there were my showstopper pieces and staples that I knew I wanted to keep. 

Sometimes we get so bored with things in our closet that we cannot see the great outfit potential we already possess. It's easy to overlook great pieces we own because we wear them too often, don't know what to wear with them, or we want something new. But there is a way to spice up the items you already have, by looking at your closet with fresh eyes. Those fresh eyes can be found by using Pinterest 's search tool.

I went to Pinterest (especially with items I was on the fence about keeping), typed in the article of clothing I needed inspiration for, then I found 3-5 pins of that said article of clothing to aid in creating multiple outfits. For example. I searched "Black Floral Kimono Outfit" and many styles popped up. I pinned outfit inspiration that incorporated items I already owned in my closet so I wouldn't be compelled to go out and spend money, and to also help me stretch my mind to create new looks.

Here's an example of a search I did and how I was able to create a look from items I already had in my closet.

Once I searched for black floral kimono outfits I ran across this look and countless others. I liked this outfit because I realized it was composed of items I already own (i.e. a black floral kimono similar to the one pictured above, a striped shirt, denim skinnies and a pair of cognac booties). Check out how I remixed the look below!

    Outfit Details: Black Floral Kimono: Amazon, Striped T-Shirt: Target, Distressed Jeans: Charlotte Russe+, Fedora: Forever 21, Booties: Charlotte Russe, Gold Frames: Charlotte Russe

While this is a great outfit as is, this exercise is not about just copying and pasting an outfit. It is all about taking inspiration, tweaking the outfit to fit your style, and making it your own using items you own (hence the reason I added my tan fedora, gold rimmed frames, and earrings)! Don't be afraid to shake things up. Use the wealth of inspiration found on Pinterest to help you spruce up your closet to create an infinite amount of new outfit ideas just in time for Spring/Summer to hit! You'll thank me later. Trust me :)

*Hint: Create a Pinterest board with all your inspired looks. Keep a log of which looks you've recreated. Try to document the looks by taking pictures when you wear them, then store them on your phone in a special album, so when you feel like you don't have anything to wear you can reference your Pinterest board and/or photo album of looks you created!

Happy Friday luvs,


  1. This is such a cute outfit. If you ever get rid of clothes, send them to me. I will pay for shipping.