Monday, June 5, 2017

Dear Gray

Dear Gray,
You are officially 3 months old as of yesterday (June 4th). It seems like just yesterday I was strapping you in your car seat, riding in the backseat with you as daddy and I nervously drove away from the hospital to bring you home. As each month progresses my love for you deepens and the feeling of awe knowing I was blessed to be chosen as one of your parents takes my breath away.

One thing you do currently that warms my heart is you stare at the picture of your big brother DJ on the mantel in mommy and daddy's room. I can't wait until you're a bit older when I can truly explain who DJ is and the impact he has on own of our lives as a family suffering from pregnancy loss and then being blessed to overcome and joyfully celebrate your arrival as our rainbow baby.

Last month you helped me celebrate my 1st of many Mother's Day. I'm forever indebted to you (and DJ) for making me a mommy to an angel and to you here on earth! You both will forever be in my heart, no matter how old you grow to be!

Here are some things that you currently do and enjoy:

Favorite things to do at the moment: You are a lot more vocal and love to make "cooing" sounds. You look around and take in your surroundings more intentionally, and of course you still love to sleep (naps are king around here but you do sleep a little less than you did when you were a teeny weeny little tyke). You are becoming better at holding your head up, sitting up, and practicing tummy - time (even though you're not so fond of it at the moment."

Things that make you smile: When I make silly faces at you, when I chump on your chin or cheeks, and when you Facetime grandma and granddad. 

What you like to eat: You currently are drinking about 3.5 - 4 ounces of liquid gold (breast milk) each sitting. I think you are almost ready to graduate to 4.5 - 5 ounces if your growing belly can stomach it!

Meeting someone new: Last month you were able to meet your cousins for the first time. They were truly inquisitive about you and love you very much. You even had your first play - date with cousin Abel.

Favorite book: Right now we're totally into Dr. Seuss books from "Hop on Pop" to "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." 

Favorite outfit (According to Mommy this month): You finally moved out of newborn clothing and transitioned into 0-3 Months and 3 Month clothing. You have a closet and drawer FULL of clothes, so much so that you don't even have to wear the same outfit twice for an entire month. But for now Mommy's favorite outfit for you last month is the Batman  onesie with the detachable cape. You looked like you could conquer the world  in that outfit (which by the way, you can...don't let anyone tell you any different).


Fun fact: We FINALLY got you comfortable sleeping on your back in your bassinet next to mommy and daddy's bedside. You even almost sleep through the entire night (typically from 10:30pm - 4am). You like to fall asleep to the white noise sound of rain on leaves! It's very soothing to you and to me.

All in all Gray, it's been an eventful 3 months with you and I wouldn't trade any second of it. I can't wait to see what awesome things you learn this month as we continue to watch how you develop and grow.

Happy 3 month birthday Grayson!

Mommy (and Daddy)


  1. Happy 3Months Nephew!!!! Love you

  2. How cute is Grayson!?! He is becoming a little chunk chunk; that liquid gold is working, Mommy ☺! Happy 1/4 year birthday, Grayson!