Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Whats Hot: Ombre

Monica with Softly Curled Ombre (Sidebar: love Monica's look)

This post has nothing to do with your clothes and EVERYTHING to do with your hair. I'm talking about the ombre hair trend. This blended goodness takes your tresses and catapults them to a new level of fierceness! Celebs and women across the globe are obsessing over this style. I'm even thinking of taking a dive into the ombre pool for my wedding do!

I wouldn't recommend dying your own hair without a trusted stylist (who specializes in healthy hair), but if you want to experiment with color (but NOT on your real hair) add your favorite tracks and put a spin on this classic coloring technique. Ladies (and gents) remember: there is no right or wrong ombre! Check the celebs below for some inspiration.

SWV...LeeLee (middle) with the Ombre do
KeKe Palmer with Wavy Ombre

KeKe Palmer with Straight Ombre

Ciara with the Bleach Blonde Ombre

Ravenn Simone with the soft beachy curls

Teyana Taylor and the Curly Ombre
Angela Simmons with the Reverse Ombre

Khloe Kardashian with the Soft Ombre

Happy (Hair) Coloring Fashion Sensers :)


  1. I will say this . . . . it's not for everyone lol.

  2. You just taught me something that I knew nothing (I mean NOTHING) about LOL!