Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Head Sprung

Have you ever had a day where your hair wasn't cooperating? How you ever desperately needed a little hair accessory to save you from having a complete BAD HAIR DAY? Well these accessories can aid you when you want to add a little pizazz to your outfit or want to look glamorous (even if you have a slight case of bedhead).

There are two variations of the turban. There is one that covers your entire head, which style goddess June Ambrose has made one of her signature go-to pieces (she even started her own turban collection). Then there is the turban head band which is like the chunky cousin of a regular headband.

The scarf bow tie headband is when you take a scarf and literally make a bow with it on your head. The coolest thing about this trend is you can make the bow as rude (humongous) or small as you'd like.

The goddess chain headpiece is a new trend and a haute accessory to get you head sprung! Check out ways to rock it will style and grace.

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