Thursday, May 17, 2012

You Nailed It

As summer makes its grand entrance you want to make sure you look fly from head to toe (literally). Your nails are no exception, when it comes to staying put together. Nails can be the ultimate fashion accessory. They can brighten up any dull outfit (which I know none of my "Fashion Sensors" will be caught dead in, after reading all my blog posts lol). Here are a few nail trends that you should add to your Mani/Pedi list to try this summer.

Shellac nails are desired because they dry in less than 60 secs. They don't smudge, chip, or crack, they come in an array of colors, and most importantly they last up to 14 days. The magical part is they help your nails grow, without damaging your nails underneath, and the shellac comes off by simply emerging your nails in acetone! All you do is apply the shellac, put your hand in a UV lamp dryer for a minute, and wallah your nails are dry with ample shine.

CND Shellac Polish
Check out my Shellac Manicure with bright pink and glitter...the Barbie Edition
This newest nail trend hails from London. This avant-garde trend gives your nails dimension, as it serves as 3D nail art. The Ciate' nail kit (which you can purchase at Sephora) comes with a base nail polish along with the caviar pearls, a funnel, and a tray so you don't make a mess.

Are you daring enough to pull this look off. I know I'm sure going to try. I've already put in a request with my local manicurist...Shout out to my girl Drea at Everlasting Images Salon in Peoria, IL (I will post results soon).

White Caviar Manicure - White base, clear beads

Black base with black pearls, pink base with pink pearls

White Ciate Caviar Manicure Kit- includes white base polish, clear caviar beads, and funnel
Light pink base with multicolored beads

There is nothing more hardcore than adding medal (spikes, chains, studs etc) for a more edgier look. There is no exception when it comes to your nails. Here is a bolder look for your divas who like a tougher exterior.

For an edgier look use a dark base and gold studs

To add an element of surprise with a soft pink manicure add gold studs

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