Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chunky Knits - OOTD

All my subbies know that I recently moved to GA. Being back down south during the winter months is a blessing and a curse. Coming from windy IL makes me greatly appreciate the sunshiny low 70 degree weather in December. HOWEVER, by having warmer weather than I am accustomed to during this time of year limits the clothing and fabrics I can wear.

Yesterday it got fairly chilly (and rainy) for the first time since I've been here. I was actually excited to break out my heavy duty knit cream sweater from H&M with tribal black detailing at the bottom, my gray knit scarf from Forever 21, my black tights from Target, and my long sleeve Danceskin black shirt from Walmart, and my knee high black leather boots which I purchased in Harlem, NY a few summers ago for...$10!!! This outfit was very comfortable, warm, and stylish without trying. I love taking simple basics (leggings, long sleeve tee, sweater etc) and creatively layering them. I added my husbands Seattle Mariners fitted cap to give off a more rugged look, adding an element of surprise if you will!

I actually really love this look! I will definitely be using this look in the future. How do you like to rock your chunky knits?

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