Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pocahontas Chic

The thing that I love most about fashion is the fact that you can be who you want to be. Your clothes speak without you having to open your mouth and express languages of creativity, inspiration, and courage. The fact of the matter is one day I can wear sneakers, a hoodie, and jeans then the following day flip the script and come out in a fitted dress with killer pumps. It works because you are the artist and your clothing is your blank canvas awaiting for you to create a masterpiece.

What a difference a day can make! Monday I wore a fitted cap, chunky knit sweater and scarf. Tuesday I channeled my inner Pocahontas. This is why I LOVE fashion :)

Yesterday, as I was browsing through my closet I wanted to wear something which I hadn't worn in a while. I chose a silky burnt orange cape-esque top as my focal point. For some reason that color prompted me to grab my beaded feather earrings (which give off a Native American vibe). To complete the look, I grabbed a white button up, some distressed jeans, and my fringed cognac boots. I added my hobo bag, a gold ring with jade detail, and used a braided belt as a head band. I've named this look "Pocahontas Chic!"

Burnt Orange Cape-esque Top: Forever 21
Distressed Jeans: TJ Maxx
White Button Up: Old Navy
Cognac Fringed Boots: Kmart
Hobo Bag: Charming Charlie's

Skinny Braided Cognac Belt (Worn as Head Band): H&M
Gold Men's Watch: Target
Beaded Feather Earrings: Forever 21
Gold Ring with Jade Details: Forever 21

The moral of this post is to show you the difference a day can make in fashion. You make a conscience choice everyday to be who you want to be and express who you want to be known as by what you wear! So don't be afraid to explore and really find things that fit you, your personality, and fit into your style log.

SN: I want to give a shout out to my awesome husband, Derrek who doubles as my photographer. In order to bring you these Outfit of the Day post I need someone to take my photo. My husband is so sweet he provides me with my mini photo shoots daily. So I just want to publicly thank him. I love you honey ;)

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