Monday, October 12, 2015

Cat's Out The Bag...

So over the start of the weekend I let the cat out the bag. My husband and I are expecting our first child April 2016!!! I've been sitting on this news since August hence, the reason I haven't been blogging as much as I should have been lately. Trying to balance my first trimester (which actually went by WITHOUT any morning sickness, but with some MAJOR fatigue), school, church, school activities (being the Vice President of two organizations), and being a wife, kind of left my creative baby, my blog, on the back burner. But now that the cats out the bag, I can't wait to share my pregnancy journey with you my readers...all from my maternity style, my future baby's style, my baby related occasions (like my gender reveal party, baby shower) etc. and much much more. I'm excited to share bits and pieces of this journey with you as my life takes a turn for the better within the next six months. Here's a quick photo montage of the pregnancy announcement pics my awesome hubby took, as well as some life outtakes.

The "Bump" at 13 Weeks
Outtakes from my White Maxi + Fur Vest Blog Post

The official "Facebook Announcement" that we posted Friday, October 9, 2015, we used to announce to our extended family and friends that we were expecting a new bundle of joy

An unseen announcement that we created using Baby Anderson's first pair of shoes, the 7 week ultrasound picture, and the calendar showing his/her due date

Mommy and Daddy (to - be) at the Georgia National Fair after stuffing our faces with BBQ, pizza, elephant ears, cotton candy, and taking in some of the local sounds and sites of GA
FYI: I purchased Baby Anderson's first baby moccasins from Love Me Some Bargains. You can find them here. I ordered size 6-12 months in camel (so the baby could wear them a little longer). I'm pretty sure I will stock up on more colors very soon because they are just so adorable. They were very reasonably priced, and came rather quickly from the order date to the delivery date. 

We will back to our regularly scheduled Ali's Fashion Sense blogging post on Wednesday but I just wanted to share my happy news with you all! Happy Monday Luvs! Let's make today the best day yet.

-(Mommy - To - Be) Ali


  1. Congratulations to my favorite Andersons!!! Can't wait to see your pregnancy fashions and how stylish Baby Anderson will be :-).

  2. Cute post :)
    Maria V.