Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We Rock Sequin During The Day

You guys know at Ali's Fashion Sense I'm all about breaking fashion rules. Typically sequin is not worn as a daytime garment. When you think sequin usually you think about New Years Eve, sparkly dresses, special occasion gowns etc. Not t - shirts. That's exactly why I wore my sequin shirt to class. To dress down my sequin shirt, I paired it with my denim overalls, pink blazer (with gold buttons), and my gold oxfords. I wore a similar outfit during my trip to Cali (you can check out that look here). Same concept, but a little more snazzy! I didn't notice until looking at back at the photos before I edited them, but the bump (Baby Anderson = BA) was on FULL display :) I guess BA wanted to say hi to you my readers. 

Outfit Details: Blazer (H&M), Sequin Top (H&M), Overalls (Macy's), Gold Oxfords (Zara), Sunnies (Forever 21)

Don't be afraid to shine bright in your sequin during the day. If you want to tone it done, just throw on a blazer and that will do the trick.

Happy Hump Day,

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  1. I love to sparkle everyday!!! You and "BA"look adorable😍 Love the look! Pink and Gold is always beautiful!!! Adding the overalls was splendid.... I'm still in search of a good pair of overalls for my self!!! Fashion on Friend!

    Fashionably Yours,
    Ashley Monique