Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Floral Kimono + Gladiator Sandals

They say "comparison is the thief of joy," well technically "they" didn't say it all it was actually Theodore Rosevelt. But the truth still remains the same, if comparison is the thief of joy then why do we continuously do it? Why do we compare ourselves to others? To celebrities? To our "old" selves? You may be wondering what I mean. Well, the other day I got in a conversation about my weight. The key word is "my!" Something that is very personal to me. I've openly admitted here on Ali's Fashion Sense that I've put on some pounds (29 to be exact) and I've yet to drop those pounds since losing my munchkin. You want to know the truth? I'm self conscious about the extra pounds, especially being a fashion blogger where you can physically see the "extras" displayed on a weekly basis. I must admit I threw myself a pity party, went back and looked at my old pics and said..."I wish I was still that small."  But the other truth is that I've been working hard to jumpstart my journey back to fitness. I started drinking more water, working out (can we say Zumba, Gutts & Butts, Dancineration etc.), and I even signed on to get a personal trainer (which was a free service at my school). 

Outfit Details: Kimono (Amazon.com0, White Tee (Forever 21), Skirt (H&M:old), Gladiator Sandals (old), Sunnies (Forever 21), Necklace (Charming Charlie's: gift)

I said all of that to say this. You may not be where you want to be physically, financially, socially, educationally, professionally, spiritually, or any other word ending in You may not "stack - up" to those you see around you. But the best thing you can do for love the person you see staring back at you in the mirror. Tune out all the background noise and focus on the positive things. Instead of allowing others to shape how we feel, it's imperative that we write the narration of our own stories using words of positivity, affirmations, and self - love! While I may not be at the ideal weight I'm loving the me I see throughout this journey! I hope you will do the same. 

Peace and blessings to you all on this wonderful Wednesday,

*P.S. Sorry to get so deep, I know this is a fashion blog so I wanted to offer some brief, lighthearted commentary about my outfit. I paired this lightweight floral kimono with a black body con skirt and white t - shirt. By adding my black fedora (fedora's have become one of my cornerstone accessories lately), sunnies, gladiator sandals, and statement necklace I was able to pull the look together. This is a perfect outfit to help usher in Spring!


  1. So true! I too am struggling to lose some lbs that I packed on while enjoying being a newlywed and sometimes it can be overwhelming! I know this is a fashion blog, but I would love the occasional update on your fitness journey!

  2. Right on time!!! I was having the pity party not too long ago. Dealing with health issues and everyday life had me "feeling some type of way". But, like you said, it's about MY journey and I'm doing things to make improvements for ME! Thanks for your inspiration by words & your lovely fashion sense! :)

  3. Girl!!!! A mouth full!!!! And you look very cute!!!!!