Monday, April 4, 2016

Elephant Print Kimono + Black Pants

It is said that elephants are highly sensitive and caring animals. Elephants express grief, compassion, self - awareness altruism, and play. It is also said that elephants cry and laugh and have incredible memories. Who knew these massive animals had so much in common with us humans. In my research about elephants it dawned on me how much more like animals [elephants] we are than we'd probably like to admit. This week will probably be one of the toughest weeks I will have to face. This three days to be exact, was supposed to be the week my son was scheduled to be delivered. It truly puts a concrete bookend on my first pregnancy experience. 

It's funny how life doesn't always go as planned. As I walk around seeing protruding bellies I silently long to turn back the hands of time when my son was healthily growing inside. To experience such a devastating halt in your pregnancy is one that most can't fathom.  Like the elephants, I have been filled with a bevy of wide - spread emotions from various stages of grief, gratefulness and contentment, life post DJ. I try to find outlets of joy that I can plug into to get me through the day like absorbing the sunlight, finding change on the ground, indulging in my favorite treat etc. When I saw this elephant print kimono hanging up at the store I had an instant feeling of joy and I knew I had to have it (the $14.90 price tag also helped to sway my purchase).  The kimono exuded playfulness, ease, and simplicity. I knew I could create a cool, easy breezy outfit with the kimono as the centerpiece.

This particular instance I chose to pair the kimono with basics: a black t - shirt, black pants, and black booties. I accessorized using my tan fedora, new gold rimmed sunnies, and an awesome nude lippie I picked up from Ulta.  

Outfit Details: Elephant Print Kimono (Forever 21//here), Black T- Shirt (H&M), Black Pants (Kohl's), Booties (JustFab), Gold Rimmed Sunnies (Forever 21), Lippie (NYC Soft Matte Cream in Rome//here

While I am gearing up for an interesting week, I know the one awesome thing that no one can strip from me is the amazing memories I have of my son. Like the elephants those once in a lifetime memories can never be erased. So here's to cherishing the priceless moments and to having a marvelous Monday!



  1. I love this fashion statement of yours Alishia using my favorite animal, the elephant. I can empathize with you this upcoming week, on anticipating the birth of your son only for it 2 halt abruptly. It happened 2 me 30yrs ago with my 1st daughter but I carried her full term 2 only not find a heartbeat before giving birth. Just know I will be praying 4 you and Derrek this week, that you will be able 2 bear it all as quoted in 1 Corinthians 10:13. God bless you cuzn! ����

  2. Love this blog & love you! I admire your strength and your reliance on God our heavenly father through the challenges you're dealing with. I'm praying for you as this you face this upcoming week, may HE continue to hold you in His comforting arms as only HE can! :)