Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Vest + Floral Top + Tulle Skirt

School has been kicking my butt this past week, hence my lack of blog posts. I literally have 9 days left of school and 21 days left before graduation *cue Pharrell's song "Happy".* I had a Safety presentation last Tuesday, a Safety paper due next Tuesday, a Quality Assurance paper and presentation & Senior Project paper and presentation due next Thursday and then I'm done. 

One common theme I've heard from my classmates these last couple weeks is the theme of being stressed, overwhelmed, or super anxious about deadlines, projects due, or things that just need to be completed ASAP. I want to offer you my dear readers 

5 ways that help me to eliminate stress from my life

1.) Organization - One way to eliminate stress is ORGANIZATION. Organization is king in my life. It allows me to know where everything is and when things are occurring. I check my calendar multiple times per day to see what is coming up within the week. I set notifications on my phone. I use my digital calendar as well as a daily planner. I also write myself notes! All these reminders help me stay on track and well organized.

2.) Pre - plan - Pre - planning is the sibling to organization. Anything you can pre - plan the day before, do it! That goes from picking out your outfit of the day, packing your gym bag, prepping your lunch for the week, packing up your school materials into your school bag, gassing up before a road trip etc. Anything you can do prior to help eliminate chaos can help alleviate stress.

3.) Prayer/Meditation - This is pretty self explanatory. Whenever I get really overwhelmed I take a minute to ask God for strength. While you don't have to say a long drown out prayer, be SPECIFIC in your request. Prayer along with quiet reflection/meditation help me center myself and block out the outside distractions of being overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed.

4.) Workout - Working out can help you rid yourself of stress. Try creating an uplifting playlist and workout for 30 minutes - 1 hour doing your favorite exercise reps a few times per week to help you clear your head and get fit in the process. 

5.) Me Time - My personal philosophy is grind hard, play hard. After you work hard you should always carve out time whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly to reward yourself. Your reward could be big or small: taking yourself on a movie and dinner date, buying your favorite cup of ice cream or frozen yogurt, or even traveling with a significant other to a peaceful location. Whatever you do treat yourself. It is a definite way to rid yourself of stress.

Outfit Details: Faux Leather Vest (Forever 21), Floral LC (Lauren Conrad) Top (Kohl's), Tulle Skirt (Charlotte Russe), Nude Pumps (Forever 21), Gold - Rimmed Sunnies (Forever 21)

Blogging is one of my personal ways I engage in "Me Time!" I love picking out and remixing outfits, dressing up, and taking pictures so this is the perfect way to decompress from a moment of stress. This particular outfit I paired my faux leather vest, tulle skirt, and floral LC top to create a feminine romantic look with a slight hard edge. I pulled the look together with gold and nude accessories.

When you organize, pre - plan, pray, workout, and create a system of "me time" you are BOUND to get things accomplished (crossing off items from your to do list) and eventually you start to reduce or eliminate stress altogether. I hope you will use the tips in this post to help you further dismiss stress in your life no matter who or what is the cause!!!

Happy Hump Day luvs.

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