Friday, April 22, 2016

Athleisure Pants + Blazer

Let's face it. People are always on the go. There are so many busy bees flying around going from one place to the next, the clothes you wear MUST be as fluid as you. I've tried to pick up my gym involvement to shed these unwanted pounds which means my clothes must reflect my "active" lifestyle. Long gone are the days of a dingy, baggy t  shirts and old holy sweatpants. Its all about athleisure. What is athleisure? It's exactly what it sounds like: athletic wear + leisure wear that you can wear from work to the gym to the grocery store. It's cute enough to wear outside of the gym but functional enough to workout in.

I purchased a sports bra and matching leggings to workout in. The pattern is so intriguing that is takes my workout gear up a notch. Although the pattern is a little dramatic the neutral color palette creates the perfect backdrop for a sleek outfit.

I paired my athleisure leggings with a crisp button down, blazer, Mickey Mouse ears, and booties to create a fun, spirited look.

Outfit Details: Mickey Mouse Ears (, White Button Down (JC Penny), Boyfriend Blazer (Forever 21), Athleisure Leggings (Target you can find them herematching sports bra here), Booties (, Statement Necklace (Forever 21), Sunnies (Forever 21)

Do you own any athleisure wear? Where do you wear it to? I'd love to hear from you. Hopefully we can all put it to use this weekend ;)


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