Monday, May 6, 2013

Ask Ali - "The Art Museum Mom"

When I started this blog, I did so more for my passion for fashion and my hidden love for writing. I didn't know that people would actually read the blog and enjoy it (WHICH I MUST SAY I AM GLAD THAT YOU DO LOL)!!!! But one of the coolest things about having my own fashion blog comes when I receive questions from subscribers, loyal fans, friends, and family about fashion trends, styles, or stores.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been getting more and more requests and questions about different blog post ideas, fashion trends, and makeovers so I decided I would start a reoccurring post called "Ask Ali!" Where you can shoot me an email (text if you have my personal number) or hit me up on the Ali Fashion Sense Facebook page to have a fashion question answered.

Today's "Ask Ali" comes from a college buddy of mine. She reached out to me on my Facebook Fan Page and asked:

"Could u do a blog about business casual wardrobe staples? As a new mom, my wardrobe has suffered these last few months. I am returning to the job force again at an art museum!! I want to make sure I have all the right pieces still and that I'm not BORING! What would you wear if you worked at an art museum?"
-Amber P.

I've heard it can be tough transitioning back to work after having a baby, so I wanted to lend Amber (along with all other mothers transitioning back to work) some options to hopefully help her get her swag back as she goes back to work!!!

Working at an art museum you want to be fashionable but not over the top (think cute black dress...not Carrie in a tutu). I would say definitely hit up vintage shops, consignment shops, for unique accessories that will ramp up a simple dress or silhouette. Grab a pair of cute flats that are comfy but have pizazz.  Lastly, don't be afraid of prints (even mixing prints). Here are a few examples of work attire that you can adopt (hopefully)!

This look takes two simple colors (black and white) and adds a dash of color to give you an unexpected dose of sunshine. BONUS: The two - tone tuxedo trousers will help to shave a couple pounds by creating an optical illusion slimming effect (hows that for art)?  

Art Museum Look 1

Mossimo tank top

Dkny pants
$335 -

Astley Clarke silver earrings
$140 -

Dorothy perkin

Choose a bright colored pant to help you stand out amongst all the amazing art work. Pump up the volume by wearing sequin during the day (like this sequined blouse). Top off the look by wearing a pair of ballet flats in a nude color. Show your artsy side by finding a set of matching broaches to create embellishments for your flats.

All That Glitters Is Gold

Since you work at an art museum you have a little more leeway (I would imagine) than let's say a banker on Wall Street as far as dress code goes. So don't be afraid of bold prints, colors, and funky/quirky things that will help you stand out! It will show that not only are you creative, but you can be well put together.

Geometric Flow

Jewelry department
$31 -

Manolo Blahnik peep toe shoes

Seiko gold watch
$350 -

Kate Spade bow belt

Hopefully this post has given Amber along with all the rest of my readers some inspiration on how to dress fierce at work without being BORING or being overlooked. If you have any fashion questions email me at or hit me up on my facebook page at

Have a great day!


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